FTW Indicium

July 2013


So this kicks off my first newsletter, bear with me as it is a work in progress. I will do my best to keep these coming month after month. News, info, help and fun stuff from my crazy brain. With all the excellent choices of CrossFit gyms in town, I just want to say thank you to everyone for your support of FTW over the past 20 months. We have grown so much and hopefully everyone is excited about all the recent changes. Tons of new things are on the horizon and as always I value your feedback. Shoot me an email at callahanperformance@gmail.com anytime. Also if you would like to be removed from this mailing list please let me know as well.

Monthly Challenge

Beginning July 8th there will be a lunge challenge. Goal is 3000 lunges by July 31. Must be done at the gym. Tally will be kept on side white board by the rowing machine. Each step is 1 lunge. Keep your knee moving outward-dont let them cave in!

July Superstar

I would like to spot light a member a month that represents FTW and what it stands for. Diane has been coming to FTW for just about a year. During her time here she has lost 6 dress sizes (not originally planned), setting PR's all the time, has conquered pull ups, and got into her grad school program!! Next time you see her, make sure to introduce yourself and ask her about her story. Congrats Diane on being the first FTW superstar! Keep training hard.


Its getting very hot out, and everyone is dripping with sweat! Remember a little bit of chalk goes a long way. The goal is to not emulate LeBron or look like a mime lol. Use a little bit of chalk then rechalk when necessary. There is a spray bottle with super duper green environmentally friendly cleaner in it hanging on the stairs. I will install a paper towel holder as well. As always please be environmentally friendly and use only the amount of paper towels to get the job done. Please clean up when you are able to (ie. ab mats, middle of the bars). And ALWAYS bring blood on equipment to the staff's attention.

FTW CrossFit Competition

Saturday, July 27th, 9am-2pm

4660 Kenny Road

Columbus, OH

$25 to compete for FTW members, $35 for non members.

There will be 3 workouts.

There will be scaled divisions.

There will be heats with set start times.

Contact Ryan to get signed up!!

Dr. Kraft is a FTW member and has signed on to be a monthly contributing editor. Starting next month look forward to excellent advice from Ben.

Dr. Benjamin Kraft is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College in upstate New York. Dr. Kraft is full body certified in ART as well as SFMA and KTP certified. He specializes in functional assessment, manual therapy, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation as they relate to everyone ranging from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior to the casual jogger. His experience has included a sports internship treating Tier 1 collegiate athletes as well as several Chiropractic clinics in upstate New York. Dr. Kraft’s clinical rotations included Rochester VA Medical Center, Monroe Community Hospital and St. John Fisher College. Prior to attending Chiropractic college, Dr. Kraft graduated from the University of Toledo where he majored in Biology.

While out of the office, Dr. Kraft enjoys spending time with his wife, Allison and his two children Alivia and Jude.


American Chiropractic Association
Ohio State Chiropractic Association
USATF (US Track and Field)