FCPS Board Meeting Summary

July 12, 2022

About the Meeting

The regular meeting of the School Board was held at 6:30 p.m. (closed session) and 7:30 p.m. (open session) on Monday, July 11, 2022 in the School Board Room at the Walker-Grant Center, 210 Ferdinand Street, Fredericksburg, VA.


Character Education Spotlight

Mr. Rowe, School Board member, provided the following with regard to the Character Education Spotlight word "Citizenship".

"Teddy Roosevelt said, “The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight; that he shall not be a mere passenger, but shall do his share in the work that each generation of us finds ready to hand; and, furthermore, that in doing his work he shall show, not only the capacity for sturdy self-help, but also self-respecting regard for the rights of others.”

Teddy Roosevelt’s definition frames good citizenship as a challenge. People usually think that being a good citizen entails simply abiding by the law, but it's more complex than that. Being a good citizen is more than a label that one can wear with pride. Being a good citizen requires contributions to your community's well-being. It’s about taking the time to learn how our government works and how people fought in the past to make things better. It involves taking steps to improve the things that have impacts on your family, your neighbors, and those you don’t even personally know. It's about feeling responsible for the society we live in and what we build for future generations. It’s about standing up for the voiceless and challenging the status-quo when the status-quo no longer meets people’s needs. You can see good citizenship in action here at our meetings. We invite the public to come here and tell us directly what can be better. In addition, we also want to empower our FCPS students to be good citizens. We want them to learn all they can about how our society works and be excited to go out and advocate for its improvement. We hope they take the opportunity to go out into our community and find value in the contributions that they can make. We hope they one day leave FCPS with not just a diploma, but as a good citizen ready to get to work."

James Monroe Ambassadors

The following students were recognized:

Malia Abell

Andrews Asare

Angela Badasu

Angelina Badasu

Sally Beringer

Keila Berrios-Ramirez

Logan Conner

Amelia Garman

Makenna Hine

Lauren Holland

Bryce Jones

Cameron Joseph

Hewit Keeler

Jennifer Nguyen

Zarayah Parker

Trinity Payne

Palmer Van Zandt

Zowie Voje

Jamie Weiss

Lauren Williams

Christian Wilson

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Girls State

The following students were recognized for representing James Monroe High School at the 2022 VA Girls State which which was held June 19 - 25 at Longwood University.

Emma Bridi

Morgan Johnson

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Hearing of Citizens

The following citizens addressed the Board:

  • Ms. Jessica Kujala spoke about the proposed Homework Committee
  • Rep. Tara Durante shared information regarding the Digital Mapping Grant and highlights of the State budget pertaining to K-12 education

Consent Agenda

The School Board approved the following items under the Consent Agenda.

Action Items

Addendum to the Superintendent's Contract

The School Board voted to approve an addendum to the Superintendent's contract.

Personnel Items

The School Board approved the recommended personnel items.

Personnel Packet 071122 Minutes.pdf (boarddocs.com)

FY23 Supplemental Appropriations

The School Board voted to approve FY23 Supplemental Appropriations.

2022 12 Supplemental Appropriation.xlsx (boarddocs.com)

Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA)

The School Board voted to approve participating in the Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA).

Informational Items

Fredericksburg City Public Schools' Commitments to Virginians

The Department of Teaching and Learning provided an update on FCPS' commitment to Virginians.

Committment to Virginians (boarddocs.com)

Accreditation Predictions/Student Achievment

The Department of Teaching and Learning provided an update on accreditation predictions/student achievement.

2022-2023 Accreditation Predictions Based on 2021-2022 data (boarddocs.com)

Review of Regulation: GCBD-R - Staff Leaves and Absences

Dr. Ebarhardt reviewed the changes to Regulation: GCBD-R - Staff Leaves and Absences

Regulation GCBD-R.pdf (boarddocs.com)

Monthly Financial Report

The preliminary monthly financial report as of June 30, 2022 has also been submitted for School Board review. In the Operating Fund, FCPS has received 96% of budgeted revenues and spent 92% of budgeted expenditures. This compares to 97% of budgeted revenues and 93% of budgeted expenditures as of this time last year. In the Special Revenue Fund, FCPS has received 77% of budgeted revenues and spent 77% of budgeted expenditures. This compares to 90% of budgeted revenues and 89% of budgeted expenditures as of this time last year.

ESSER spending has increased slightly from last month, with the majority of expenditures being related to payroll. The total year-to-date ESSER spending is $3,795,366.96. The total balance remaining in each ESSER grant is ESSER I $0, ESSER II $2,491,333.75, and ESSER III $5,441,953.83.

2022 12 Monthly Financial Report.pptx (live.com)

2022 11 Monthly Financial Report.pptx (live.com)

Facilities & Safety Update

The following information was shared with the Board.


  • WGMS & LES chillers would be installed by July 15th
  • The LES bioretention project would begin next week
  • CTE projects at JMHS were well underway
  • Parts for the water and electrical energy savings had arrived
  • Conversion to LED lighting was slated to begin in August

  • Safety:
  • Safety Summits had been held with the Police Department, Sheriffs Office, Fire Department and First Responders
  • Safety and Crisis Management Training has been established for every member of the school division
  • An open forum would be held with law enforcement and first responders to answer questions from staff, parents, and citizens
  • Crisis Management and Active Shooter plans were being reviewed
  • Resources for parents to review would be placed on the website

Special School Board Meeting

A Special School Board meeting would be scheduled for the Board to review and update its goals for the 2022 - 2024 school years.

Old Business

Mrs. Pomeroy reminded the Board the 2022 VSBA Conference on Education will be held on July 19, 2022 at the Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa at Short Pump. School division leaders from across Virginia will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of mini-workshops which highlight successful practices in Virginia’s school divisions. Participants will leave with many great insights and practical ideas. After the roundtable presentations, attendees will break into regional meetings to discuss pertinent issues coming up for their particular regions. Ms. Holmes, Mr. Rowe and Dr. Catlett will be attending.

New Business

There was no new business

Good of the Order

Ms. Holmes welcomed Mr. Petty again and she thanked all staff for their hard work over the summer. Mrs. Pomeroy echoed those sentiments.

Next Meeting Dates

School Board meetings are held at the Walker-Grant Center (unless otherwise noted).

  • Regular School Board Meeting: August 1, 2022 - 6:30 Closed Session/7:30 Open Session at the Walker-Grant Center

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