Term 1 2013

Emily muir

newspaper article

A dance to remember

Last night an amazing event happened at grandpa and grandma Ingalls house, there was a winter ball.

There was lots of bright candle, curtains and musicians were playing nice music. It was an event to remember. They played the waltz and everyone danced.

The highlight of the evening was the sugar snow made by grandpa and Charles Ingalls and served by grandma Ingalls.




· Bullying is when someone harms you physically or mentally lots of times

· Get help if your getting bullied

· You have a right to feel safe

Bullying is when

· Someone keeps hurting you

· Someone punches or kicks you

· Someone makes fun of you

· Someone purposely excludes you

Some advice

· Walk away

· Tell a teacher

· Tell a adult

· Call kids help line

· Don’t listen to them ignore them