Falcon Flyer

May 2023

Principals' Corner

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We cannot believe it is MAY already! We are so proud of our scholars and their hard work during state testing. We will also take our final MAP assessments in grades K-8 this month as well as DIBELS in K-2. We are excited to see the growth due to their hard work!

We are looking forward to warmer weather in the upcoming weeks. Please note scholars should not be wearing winter boots to school for remainder of the year. We are excited to end the school year with many great field trips, celebrations and promotions! Be sure to keep an eye out for important information regarding end of year events!

We are hopeful that we will have an excellent end to our school year!

The Principal Team

Important Dates

Please Mark on Your Calendars

May 2: Math PSSA (3-8)

May 3: Math PSSA (3-8)

May 4: Science PSSA (4/8)

May 4: Science PSSA (4/8)

May 16-17: MAP Testing (K-8)

May 22: Social Studies Test Grade 8

May 23: Girl Scout Field Trip

May 24: After School Field Trip

May 25: DIBELS testing

May 29: Memorial Day: No School

May 30: Grade 8 DC Trip

May Menus

April Student(s) of the Month!

Please join us in celebrating our April Student(s) of the Month! These scholars are being celebrated for showing HONOR around the school building and dedicating themselves to academic excellence! Stay tuned to see who will be next!

K: Isabella Sanders and Messiah Perkins

1st: Zara Dattadeen and Pearl Studebaker

2nd: Zara Espinosa-Pinto and Kinlei Cunic

3rd: Melanie Jeffries and Cole Morris

4th: Nnamdi Chielu and Isiaih Walls

5th: Alex Haberfield and Kenli Hull

6th: De'Jha Glover and Sidney Grill

7th: Alex Tillery-Parker and Samyra Fodop

8th: Weatherly Haberfield and Auvionne Dutrielle

Arrival/Dismissal (in case you missed it)

Dear families,

Please see this video regarding arrival and dismissal procedures. Click Here We are hoping that having these things in place will make our dismissal more efficient and safe for all. We appreciate your attention to this matter.


School Bus Expectations and Reminders

Students who take a school bus are expected to act responsibly and respectfully at all times. The school takes a number of measures to facilitate responsible and respectful behavior, including but not limited to: The Code of Conduct and Related Policies apply whenever a student is on a school bus. The Principal or his/her designee reviews expectations for appropriate bus behavior at all Family Orientations. Classroom teachers review expectations for appropriate bus behavior. The support specialist or an administrator meets each bus every morning to ensure appropriate student behaviors with the bus driver. The support specialist or administrator contacts any parent or guardian whose child had failed to act responsibly and respectfully on the bus and imposes the appropriate consequences for the misbehavior.

Children Must:

  • Be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Cross in front of the school bus when crossing a street.
  • Keep buses clean, sanitary, and orderly.
  • Obey bus drivers, as they are in full charge of buses and pupils while in transit.
  • Always ride in an assigned seat.
  • Never cause damage to the school bus, and report anything noticed to the driver. Any student disfiguring or mutilating a bus will be required to pay for the damage, and denied further use of buses.
  • Never get off the bus at any stop other than your assigned bus stop, unless you have written permission from your parent and the bus driver.
  • Never fight, scuffle, or incite any disturbance creating a hazard to the safety of others on the bus. Never use obscenities or profane language on the school bus.
  • Do not extend arms or head out of the bus window at any time. Since school officials do not ride the bus, we will act upon referrals given to us by the driver.
  • First Referral – Bus Discipline Letter
  • Second Referral – 1 day bus suspension
  • Third Referral – 3 day bus suspension
  • Fourth Referral5 day bus suspension (Parent Conference will be scheduled before the child is permitted to ride the bus.)
  • Fifth Referral 10 day bus suspension (Parent Conference will be scheduled before the child is permitted to ride the bus.)
  • Sixth Referral – Loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year. The above consequences are the bare minimum for each referral. School officials reserve the right to impose greater consequences depending on the severity of the situation.

Uniform Policy: Dressed for Success!

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