Stylist Showcase

"The Hunger Games" District Design

Be the next Cinna and Portia!

Your team has been assigned one of the twelve Districts. It is up to your team to create stunning final costumes for your tributes' Chariot Ride inspired by the product of that district!

District One: Luxury

District Two: Masonry

District Three: Technology

District Four: Fishing

District Five: Power

District Six: Transportation

District Seven: Lumber

District Eight: Textiles

District Nine: Grain

District Ten: Livestock

District Eleven Agriculture

District Twelve: Coal


  • Research what your District is known for (example: District 12, Mining)
  • Create two original costumes as a group (one for the female Tribute, one for the male Tribute)
  • Write a reflection of the costumes' design and why certain aspects were chosen and how they relate to that District (two paragraphs minimum)
  • Be as creative as you like!


Some things to include:

May the odds ever be in your favor!

Due Date: Final Friday of the Unit

Presentation: Your group will present your costumes to the class at the "Chariot Ride", the Monday following the unit.

Costumes can be drawn, scrap-booked, digital, or made from scraps of various materials. The sky is the limit!

Reflection must be a minimum of two paragraphs and include:

  • Explanation of design and materials used
  • Why the materials, colors, etc. were chosen
  • How the costumes relate to your assigned District