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Weekly Newsletter - October 21, 2019

You Can't Teach or Expect - What you Don't Know or Can't Do

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership - First Competency - Self-Awareness

If you're self-aware, you always know how you feel, and you know how your emotions and your actions can affect the people around you. Being self-aware when you're in a leadership position also means having a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses, and it means behaving with humility

So, what can you do to improve your self-awareness?

  • Keep a journal – Journals help you improve your self-awareness. If you spend just a few minutes each day writing down your thoughts, this can move you to a higher degree of self-awareness.
  • Slow down – When you experience anger or other strong emotions, slow down to examine why. Remember, no matter what the situation, you can always choose how you react to it. (Our article on Managing Your Emotions at Work will help you understand what your emotions are telling you.)

Being self-aware is one of the first steps to being an emotionally intelligent and effective leader. Next week we will highlight self-regulation.

Have a great week!

Your Student Services Team

Updates and Information

  • We have about 7 spots left for the CHAMPS 2 day training. This is classroom management training and strategies for teachers on campuses. SEL, Restorative, and Positive Behavior Supports are woven through the entire training. It is really good training for classroom management. The cost is $50.00 for the book by Randy Sprick and the cost of the sub. Student Services is handling the rest of the expenses. The consultant will be from our Region XI Service Center. Dates below are in Strive: Day 1 - October 29th and Day 2 - November 12th (It is a two-day training)

  • Oct. 1st the Transfer Window opened for the Spring of 2020. Please review and have your principal and secretary review the timeline and process on the Student Services Google Site here Transfer Process. Here is the link to the transfer page on our Keller ISD website: Student Transfers.

  • All the required ROCK Training PowerPoint are posted to the Student Services Site under ROCK and training. All teacher, student, and staff training must be completed by Oct. 25, 2019. Click here to access all the pieces of training and the attestation form

  • October 25th - At-Risk Coding Due

More Professional Development for You!

Question: Do I encourage my veteran teachers to observe new teachers at work? Classroom observations should be an integral component of your school. Be sure to pair the most experienced teachers in the building with les experienced colleagues so that they can observe one another in action and provide one another with feedback. Mr. Kafele says you must be very careful when pairing up teachers ensuring that there is a solid level of mutual trust between them. He also says it’s too much to expect new hires to do an excellent job at the outset without necessary mentoring. Instead, it’s your responsibility to put them in a position to win.

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