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Athens, Greece Dishes!

You must be very careful to finish all your food. You might insult the cook! Seconds helps show appreciation! The most famous, delicious , and eaten food is souvlaki –a hamburger in a paper cone with fries. Some people eat lamb, great variety fish, and other seafood.

Did you know that ancient Greece use to worship a wine-god? Wine today is not worship anymore , but it's very famous in festivals , sacred rites , ceremonies. Taste heavenly goodness in Athens, Greece

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Knowing Language & Weather

Most Athenians speak English, tourist are likely to speak French, and German. But menus and road signs are written in English and Greek. Ancient Greek had studied many language like: Aeolic , Doric , Ionic. In fact Greek is a world wide language. In fact Greek is a world wide language. Language can be hard, huh?

Let's look at the weather.

Most people go to Greece around July & August mostly because it's the holidays. March-November can be cold and snowing. In hot days you need 3-shirts, 2 pants, couple pair of shorts , sneakers, and personal effect. Just bring the right clothes for the right season.

Athens , Greece map

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