Incentive Time!

For my 1st Line in July & August

Mid-Month Updates!

Look who's leading the pack as of today, 7/12!:

A hearty congratulations to the following stylists who've already sold over $1,000 and £1,000 this month:

Alicia Hackney, $2070
Andi Yanoff, $1592
Amy Leibowitz, $1556
Heather Stephens, $1518
Kristen Weiss, $1424
Sophie Mitchell, £1085

Way to go ladies!!!!!

Trying to remember what this is all about? Read below :)

You've got plenty of time to reap the rewards yourself!

Let's add some fun into the pot!

Two raffles will be drawn this summer for my 1st line: 1 in July and 1 in August

For entry into each month's raffle qualifying stylists must:

  1. Sell $2500/month (£2300/month for UK): Hello 30% commish and protection from returns!
  2. Sponsor 1 Stylist/month: Bring on the layered income!
  3. Hold 4 Qualifying Shows/month: Hold back-yard trunk shows with lemonade or margs and grab your friends around the pool or beach with a tote of jewels, lookbooks and order forms! 4+ times a month! Rough job people ;)

Rewards for those who reach the elements above?:

  1. Be entered into the raffles!
  2. Earn an invitation to a Celebratory Business Builders Brunch on ME in early Sept! (Those farther away will receive a gift card in the mail to enjoy at your local eatery and we'll do a Google Hangout instead), AND get a special gift in the mail.
  3. Keep your business consistent and secure your leads for the fall!

It's a win-win! Efforts out will bring rewards in!



Your future's so bright, you're going to need shades!!!

Ready...set...GO book those shows while you travel or right at home. Just enjoy, have fun, and soak in the summer!