Save the Javan rhino

By Elia Hernandez


Scientific name:Rhinoceros sondaicvs

Population:there are 58-60 left in the world


Physical features:the Javan rhino is dusky gray it has much smaller head and looser ,and less skin folds

What adaptations dose the rhino have:the rhino has hooked lips to eat the plants easier it,also has strong shoulders and front legs to knock down trees.

Compare and contrast the rhino to a mouse:they are different by there size and the mouse doesn't eat grass ,and there both predators.


Where can the rhino be found:the rhino can be found in small areas and also in Ujung Kulon national park in java.

Explain what kind of biome dose the rhino have:There biome is the rainforest.

Describe where and how the rhino sleeps:The rhino sleeps lying down or standing up ,and it sleeps in grasslands and floodplain


What dose the rhino eat?Dose anything eat the rhino:the rhino eats a variety of plants,particularly their shoots,twigs and fallen fruit.The kind of animal that eats the rhino is the Wild Cats,Tigers,and Humans.

The food chain of the rhino

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Off spring baby facts

How often are babies born to the Javan rhino:every two and a half to five years

How long dose the mother carry the baby rhino: The female rhino carry's the baby for about 18 months

How many babies dose the rhino usually have:it has 1or sometimes comes out baby twins

How big are baby rhinos when the are born:40-64kg

Do baby rhinos have a special name:Calves and Calf

How long do babies stay with there mom:At least 2 years old

List 10 facts about the Javan rhino

1) The Javan rhino is a smaller and lighter relative of the greater one horned rhino

2) Javan rhinos have a good sense of hearing and smelling but there rather short sighted

3) Javan rhinos can reach up to 170cm

4) Javan rhinos can weight up to 900-2,300 kg

5) Female rhinos carry's the baby for 15-18 months

6) Javan rhinos live in the tropical forest

7) Javan rhinos eat leaves and twigs

8) Rhinos leave in herds called "crash"

9)There are less than 60 Javan rhinos in the world

10) They are in danger

Final thoughts

Why is the Javan rhino endangered?What's being done about it?

The Javan rhino is endangered because people take there horns off and there's a way to take out there horn without killing them but they still kill them anyway.People are protecting the rhinos like guards around the rhinos so if any one wants to hurt them the will face consequences

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Save the rhino soon there be no rhinos left in the world