midwest region

by canyon


the mid west region is full of culture and .religon here are some people places and. things that show our culture such as. presidets like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington .or places like mount rushmore .and the white house and clothing music and acsents .also skin color diffrent houses ananimals.


the mid west region has diffrent storms l.ike thunder storms rain storms and rain storms and tornatos there are .also drouts snow and sunny. days also wind chills and lake affects also when the wether.the mid west region


states are very simeler .Like they all have a govener 38 seneters .and 110 represeneters they all .have capitals and corts also judges and. they all they all have somthing that makes them that state


the mid west region was part of the uniuin at the civil. war also Henry ford created the model T and the assembully. line the mid west region was a no slave region it also made airplanse for world war 1 and world war 2