Monday Memo

April 27, 2015

TJ Updates

Thank you for another wonderful week at school last week. As I walked around last week, I once again noticed how much everyone supports each other. Whether it's planning together, teaching each other, laughing together, providing lunch or sharing their thoughts about Grey's Anatomy, there are moments each week where we reach out, connect and support each other. In addition to the amazing moments we have with students, It is these moments we will remember when we look back and reflect on our life at T.J.

Here are some pictures from last week.


Tracy/Tricia, Hughes, Joe Lee
PM: Clark, Mazzota, Gusmerotti

Monday, April 27
  • Superintendent's Conference Day - see schedules in emails from Jennifer
  • Board Of Education Meeting, 7 pm, Board Room

Tuesday, April 28

  • Math Make-Up Tests
  • SST, 9:30 am, Reading Room

Wednesday, April 29
  • Math Make-Up Tests
  • Janet Hess in building

Thursday, April 30

    • Olweus New Staff Training - see email from Bridget for schedule

      Friday, May 1

      • Happy May Day!


      Websites, Blogs or Twitter accounts worth checking out

      Below are some websites or blogs I have found that I thought might be of interest to some of you. I will also add some interesting people to follow on twitter.