Forensic Anthropologist

By ~ Megan S.

Job Description

A forensic anthropologist helps the law enforcement agencies identify human remains. They could do cases from just yesterday, or 10,000 years ago. Common cases are in criminal acts and they can identify human remains even in the advanced stages of decomposition. Forensic anthropologists use their knowledge of biology, and science. You never know they can discover, causing them to think outside the box. Anthropologists are able to discover the victims age, height, gender, and even their ancestry. They can also discover how the victim died, weather it could be illness, trauma, or homicide.


A forensic anthropologist's usual salary is $54,230 per year.

Environmental Relationship

One of the environmental relationships is that they sometimes work out in the fields to investigate the case. But, if there is an animal habitat near by in danger of being extinct, they must perserve the habitat, but complete the job. Or if there is plant in danger of extinction, they also must perserve it and get the task at hand done. Forensic anthropologists use their natural surroundings to picture the crime in their head and maybe get an idea of what happened.


To be a forensic anthropologist need a master's degree in physical anthropology.


One advantage to being a forensic anthropologist, is knowing you could help a family find closure after losing a family member. Another advantage would be that you could be a mystery detective like from the show 'Bones' or 'Dr. G. Medical Examiner'. Being a forensic anthropologist is a career you could stick with for your whole working career.


One disadvantage is that you could find something about the victim that the family might not have known about. Another disadvantage is that you will see how cruel some people can be. Being a forensic anthropologist will have you deal with casualties.

Interesting Facts

  • This job can relate the show 'Bones'.
  • Samples can include things like hair, fingerprints and gunshot residue.
  • Other shows with the job of forensic anthropology are 'CSI', 'NCIS' and 'Law & Order'.
  • Forensic anthropologists will examine insects in and around human remains to determine the time of death.
  • Sherlock Holmes used forensic science as one of his methods for investegating crimes.