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Publication of Baugo Community Schools: Fall 2020

Superintendent's Message: Making One Voice

Fred Rogers once said, "...when you sing together, you make one voice...that's true of all endeavors, not just musical ones...". Mr. Rogers' words remind me of the efforts that our school community is making to keep our students in their classrooms. The unselfish nature of many have made in-person learning possible. As I listen to reports of other districts hoping to return to campus this Fall, I am thankful to our community of teachers and support staff who have braved these difficult times, added additional duties to their busy work loads, and have shifted on a moments notice to keep our children in school. I am grateful to those families who have adjusted their lives to quarantine children and to virtual learn when necessary. No one could have imagined what a pandemic would do to traditional teaching and learning, nor could anyone have anticipated the amazing harmony created when a community works together for it's children. Eventually we will look back on this experience with awe and be better for having worked together.

Mask Up Hoosiers

@StateHealthIN. needs all Hoosiers to mask up and do their part to keep our state safe and healthy. To help slow the spread of #COVID19, make sure you wear your mask correctly. #MaskUpHoosiers

Welcome JHS Principal Tim Pletcher!

Mr. Tim Pletcher is excited and proud to be the new principal here at Jimtown High School. He has over 21 years experience in education, and this is his 8th year as a principal--serving in that capacity at Oregon-Davis Jr/Sr High School and Clay High School. Tim and his wife, Ann, have been married for 28 years, and they have three children, ages 28, 19, and 17. His wife is super supportive of his passion for education and as such, you will see her just about every time you see him. Go Jimmies!

"What's Good" at Jimtown High

It's the What's Good!?!? Initiative. Students and staff are encouraged to participate and share something exciting, good news, or just give a shout out or thank you. We have a bulletin board where the various messages will be displayed, and we hope to fill it up soon. So often communities forget to celebrate the good, and this effort should remind us that there is so much to be grateful for.

Jimtown High School Welcomes Head Coach Cory Stoner

Mr. Cory Stoner takes the helm as head coach of the iconic Jimtown Jimmies. Cory left his role as social studies teacher at Jimtown Junior High to focus his attention at JHS on and off the field. Today, Cory serves as College and Career Coach during the day and head football and baseball coach at night. Coach Stoner is grateful to be the head coach of the Jimtown Jimmies. Coach remarked, "...Through this COVID season, we have been able to teach so many life lessons that go way beyond the playing field...".
The Jimmies enter the last week of regular season play with a 4-3 record. With 70 players lining the field, and many returning next year, the Jimmies are well positioned for athletic success for years to come.


Homecoming Week was capped off with a Jimmie Victory

8th Graders & Kindergarten Collaboration

Our 8th grade Language Arts students created digital informational picture books based on topics a kindergarten class shared with them. The 8th graders researched the topics and put the information with kid-friendly explanations and lots of visuals into a book they created on They then used Screencastify to narrate the books for the children. The kindergarten teacher was then sent links for the Screencastify videos, so her students can see the pages as they have it read to them by the author. Check out an example below.

JJHS Science is possible regardless of location

Virtual and Live teaching is far from easy. However, teachers continue to find the best new methods to reach each of our students. The Jimtown Junior High Science department discovered a hidden gem. We are so thankful for the support of our administration for purchasing a license to "Explore Learning". This program offers "Gizmos" that allow students to do science hands-on - virtually. So far, our students have measured mass using a triple beam balance, measured volume using graduated cylinders, and practiced graphing skills, all from home. We are looking forward to seeing Pangea split apart, how earthquakes happen, structure of an atom, how DNA makes changes in Genetics all through a great computer program. These are visual, hand-on lessons that would not be possible for our virtual students, without this program. We look forward to using the program to allow our virtual students to learn science with the best hand-on activities we can find.

Alaia-Therapy Dog in Training

Alaia is a 16 month old Labrador retriever and she is in training to be the therapy dog at JIS. We will be keeping you posted as her training progresses. We are working with Top Notch Service Dogs and hope to have her full time by January. She comes to work on Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30 for now. She has visited all classrooms and has been instrumental in providing support for several of our students who struggle with anxiety. It is amazing what joy and comfort a dog can bring and we all need a little of that in these times!!
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Fall Fun Field Trip at Jimtown Elementary

On Friday, October 9th, JES had a fall-themed, on-campus field trip! The students spent the day going on a nature walk, trying apple cider, picking a pumpkin from the baseball field “pumpkin patch”, and so much more. It was so nice to watch our students and our staff enjoy a beautiful day of pure fun!

If you visit Dunkin Donuts on Nappanee Street anytime soon, give them a big “thank you” for donating over 1,000 munchkins for our kiddos! We are so grateful.

When I Grow Up

For JES, College Go Week ended with “Future Friday” where our students were encouraged to dress for their future career/job! It is always so much fun to see what the kids come up with, and what they hope to be one day. Here you will find our future medical professionals and future law enforcement! We are so proud that our students are exploring career pathways K-12!