Pubic Lice (Crabs)


Type of Pathogen

Pubic lice is a insect that looks like crabs; They are found mostly is the pubic area and are about 1.1-1.8 mm in length.

Definition and Causes of Disorder

You can get pubic lice from sex and other kind of physical contact. You will rarely get Crabs from bedding, clothing, upholstered furniture, and toilet seats. There are 300 million cases a year in the U.S. alone. Pubic Lice iv very common on both male and female and mostly found on adults.


The symptoms of Pubic Lice is Intense itching in the genitals or anus area, Mild fever, Feeling Run-Down, Irritability, The presence of lice or small egg sacks called Nits in your pubic area. Your pubic hair is where they Crabs are mostly found but kind be found in the armpits, eyelashes, eyebrows, facial hair, and chest.

Treatment and Research Outlook

You can diagnose yourself by looking at our pubes with a magnifying glasses. You can purchase Lindane lotion over the counter. To prevent pubic lice is to avoid sexual contact or sharing bedding, clothes with anyone who has an infestation.