California Trail

June, 26 1848

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Going to California

Do you want gold, and fertile farmland?? You can come to California, where you can have a great life with a good farm. You can also discover gold while you build a sawmill. If you love gold, this is your opportunity to go to California. You can even come to sell supplies and services to the miners. You can be prepared by making a plan if you want to mine for gold get some supplys for gold, if you want a farm get farming supplys.

Traveling to California

We will be traveling 17,000 + miles for 5 to 7 years starting right here in Independence, Missouri. But their also some conditions. You can't bring your whole house- you can only bring things that are MOST inportant to you. I would pick things you need, not just things you want to bring. Also, your wagon can only hold so much stuff.


There are many challenges on the trail such as diseases, sickness, death, dangers in crossing the river and indians. Its really challenging to recover when crossing rivers and dealing with Sickness. When ever indians come by it could be hard to fight back. They either want healthy cattle or other supplies.


Some supplies you would need to bring are good tools to help you make a better future. Remember you can't bring your whole house. Here is a list of things you could bring

  • Some clothing and hats
  • blankets and pillows
  • Some weapons
  • Pots, Pans, kettle, also dishes
  • Food
  • Water and milk
  • Lanters and candle molds
  • Digging supplies (if you want to dig for gold)
  • Farming supplies ( if you want to do farming )
  • Containers and buckets


  • Building a nation
  • Across the wide and lonesome Prairie
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