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The Design Council’s Design Leadership Programme

From the comfort of your own desk..

Discover how investing in the Design Leadership Programme can boost your business growth, improve capability and confidence and deliver a lasting impact.

Why should I attend

The Design Leadership Programme is the Design Council’s coaching and mentoring service for SMEs and manufacturers across the UK. Independent research shows that the programme has helped businesses drive innovation across every aspect of operations, consistently delivering a return of over £20 on every £1 spent on design.

The programme is delivered by a team of Design Associates, who lead and advise clients through a design strategy suitable for their needs with a view to realising a final design project. Each webinar will be hosted by one of these experiences Design Associates.

During the vent you will access an expert adviser, a Design Associate, who will explain:

  1. The impact of design on business
  2. Government support for design
  3. Managing design objectives and designers
  4. What success would look like
  5. The Return on Investment from design projects
  6. Ideas to take away and feedback

You do this by becoming a delegate at one of our monthly webinars hosted by EnterpriseHere. These are to be held over 40 minutes every 2nd Wednesday of the month between 1330 and 1410 starting from the 12th of December 2012

To access this event, all you need is a telephone and a computer/smartphone that has broadband access.

To register for this FREE webinar, or to learn about the business support available to you go to

2 minutes before the event is due to start prepare yourself:

  • To hear the expert call 0844 4 73 73 73. Then enter the PIN


Background on Webinars

If you have never attended a webinar before, a simple way of thinking of them is that they are seminar that you do not need to travel to. All of EnterpriseHere's free 40 minute webinars involve:

1. You following a web link and ringing a conference call telephone number. These enable you to see an experts live presentation via your computer's monitor, and to hear their voice.

2. A Facilitator begins the session by welcoming you, and introducing the expert. They will then explain how to raise questions for the expert during the session. Then for around 20 minutes you will see & hear a live presentation by your chosen expert. This will be tailored it to your needs: based upon the details you have shared with EnterpriseHere when you signed up for the event.

3. For the next 20 minutes the facilitator seeks to ensure your questions are answered, and will provide you with a web link via which you can provide the presenter with direct feedback on the value of the insights they have shared with you.

4. After the event ensure you give the expert feedback using