Welcome to Sofia's news letter

By: Sofia Irene Donohue

Earthquake pbl project

This year in science we did a project called the earthquake pbl project. The project was about making a modle of a house that was for tony stark and the house had to be earthquake resibal, which means an earthquakes could never destroy it. We also had a driving question which was How can we, as structual engineers, construct a 2 story house in California for Tony Stark that would withstand seismic activities. We also had a limetted amount of popsicles, straws, clay, toothpicks, and string.

30 hands project

Or humans are changing the atmosphere one by one

One thing I learned from this project was that how to prevent global warming from happinig and what gases like the green house gase, that are in our atmosphere. One thing I enjoyed about the project was that I got to learn about our atmosphere. Another thing I enjoyed about this project is that being able to chose what anwser I thought was correct.

Invention convention

The inviormental problem my team's inovation is solving is energy waste and water waste-droughts. Our inovation is soliving energy waste and water waste by resuing and recycling water from the rain pipes and not using energy.
Big image
Above is our inovation of a water barrel that collects rain water and waters the plants when needed.