English 3 College Prep

What's Going on in CP?

Creative Writing

As part of our unit on epics and the monomyth cycle, students have been composing their own contemporary epics. These short stories are due to TurnItIn.com no later than 2:20 pm on Friday, December 19th.
How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner

Reading Workshop

Reading workshop is in full-swing. This marking period's focus is speculative fiction. Students have picked some great books and I'm excited to read all the reviews and to see how the projects turn out.

Reviews are due to TurnItIn.com no later than 2:20 pm Monday, 12 January.

Projects are due no later than 2:20 pm Wednesday, 21 January.

Mid Term Exams

Mid term exams will begin on Tuesday, 27 January and end on Friday, 30 January. A schedule will be posted on the school web site. The English 3 CP exam is a skills-based test designed to emulate the PARCC exam. Students will receive a review sheet the week prior to exams.