Gender and Identity


I am Ever Ortiz. I am 5'5, I am Mexican, I am considered short. I love to Skateboard, I love music. I dress well, I keep my pants at my waist. I also like to play sports for example, Football, Soccer and, I like to run. I go to an open gymnasium and workout on my free time.


Boys are known as the lucky ones because what happens to girls monthly. I disagree because guys also go through a rough times as well. Guys need to worry about not getting his privet area, also guys need to do more hard work then woman. Guys need to fix the house and the cars and etc. Guys are not lucky maybe most of the time but not all.


I think other people see me as a skater. All I do is skate so I can see. Some people see me as nice. I am nice to a lot of my friends and I joke around with them. I am seen funny because I make little jokes here and there. I guess I’m okay I really don’t know.