Carl Friedrich Gauss

By Alice Benston and Cecilia Chavez

All About Carl

He was born on April 30 1777. He published over 150 works and made such important contributions as the fundamental theorem of algebra, the least squares method, Gauss-Jordan elimination, and the bell curve, or Gaussian error curve. He also made important contributions to physics and astronomy. He died on February 23 1855.

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He married Johanna Osthoff in 1780 until 1809, when she died. They had one daughter and two sons. Joseph, Wilhelmina and Louis were their names. Then he married Friederica Wilhelmine Waldeck in 1810. They had two sons and a daughter. Their names were Eugene, Wilhelm and Therese. Johanna Osthoff died while giving birth to Louis, who died minutes later after he was born. Friederica died of tuberculosis. Eugene, the eldest boy from Gauss' second marriage, grew up with the same abilities as his illustrious father.

Johanna Ostoff

This is Carl's first wife, Johanna

Friederike Wilhelmine Waldeck

This is Carl's second wife, Friederike

Disquistiones Arithmeticae

In 1801 Carl Friedrich Gauss published his classic work Disquisitiones Arithmeticae. He was 24 years old. A second edition of Gauss' masterpiece appeared in 1870, fifteen years after his death. This second edition was produced for the Göttingen Academy of Sciences