Merry Christmas


… from Kelowna!

Hello! It's been a busy few months here and I wanted to send everyone a note to update you on our family. The months seem to move more quickly and this year I've resorted to an electronic Christmas Card.

Annelle and I were fortunate to get away for a couple of trips this fall. In September, we travelled to Las Vegas with some friends. We enjoyed a Cirque de Soleil show, Le Rev, which had a water setting in a oval shaped arena. Annelle managed to maintain her running regimen by heading out each morning in the 30 degree weather. I managed to maintain my food and beverage regimen by eating and drinking all day long!

As you know, we also travelled to Costa Rica in what we named the "Girls & Grandmas" tour. We were fortunate to enjoy many wonderful experiences there which included: river safari, white water rafting, volcanic hiking, zip lining and snorkelling. The white water rafting trip of a Class II/III river was accidental as we had intended to do the river safari. We travelled around the north west areas of the country and my driving expertise was continually challenged with the tight, curvey roads. Overall, this was an amazing trip and Annelle and I felt very happy to be able to share these experiences with the girls and our mothers.

Toni and Liv are both enjoying the ski training with Big White Racers - Liv is in U10 and Toni has moved up to U14. This year, their races will take us to Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Red Mt., Silver Star, Apex and Big White. Currently, the snow conditions are excellent as our local mountain has 180cm already! Liv has also been selected to play with the Kelowna United soccer team and she proudly wears her new, red Adidas track jacket to her indoor practises each week. Toni is enjoying the step up to KLO Middle School and she is doing quite well with learning the flute.

Overall, Annelle and I continue to work towards minimizing our businesses in an effort to focus on the successful ventures. In the long haul, we hope to travel more and enjoy our time with our family.

Hope to see you all soon!

Love Dave, Annelle, Toni & Liv

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