Non traditional jobs

Myth 1

Women in clerical jobs make more than trade to be made in both.Being happy in your job will increase your chances of making more money. i do not agree with this myth because everyone receives equal pay in a job unless you are a CEO etc..
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myth 2

men are not nurturing enough to work with small children. Leftover from days when women stayed home to raise children and men went to work.nurturing in more matter of personality, not your gender i do not agree because most kids like there dad more than there mom
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Myth 3

Women are not strong enough for trade or construction.Veteran women construction workers say job is hard, not so much physical.lack of strength is NOT a factor in the jobs performance. i do not agree with the myth some girls are strong

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myth 4

Men who work in nontraditional careers are not masculine.Women who work in nontraditional careers are not feminine.Pursue careers based on interests,skills, and satisfaction.

i do not agree women can work where ever and still be a feminine just that they like to do other stuff

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Myth 7

Women on a job site make it difficult for men to concentrate.HR can provide training so all employees are comfortable in work environment. i agree because some men don't pull so they might be stupid and do sexual harassment
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