Results to my car survey

By Jonathan Ramirez Period 5

Results for all 5 questions.

Question 1. To me it looked like people where thinking about cars from a very famous car manufacturers because the answer chosen the most was Ford.

Question 2. When people saw this question, I guess they were thinking about a very famous car and a good looking one because the top answer was Challenger.

Question 3. Looking at these results, I see that people would rather have the newer versions of cars instead of the better looking older ones because the top answer for this question was 1990-2015.

Question 4. Analyzing these results, it shows that people would rather see what type of cars they can get from European manufacturers instead of choosing European cars right way which also shows that people like american cars more than European cars.

Question 5. The results for this question are saying that more people would stay with american muscle cars instead of choosing Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti.

What this survey meant.

This survey showed that people like american muscle more than any other cars which to me is reasonable because whats not to like about a 1970 Dodge Challenger R\T

The top chosen cars were Challenger, Mustang, and Camaro

Questions and results from each question

Q1. What is your favorite car company?

The top three answers were Ford-12, Chevy-10, and Dodge-6.

Q2. What is your favorite car from these companies?

The top three answers were Challenger-10, Camaro-8, and Mustang-6.

Q3. What year would you want these cars?

The top answer was 1990-2015=15.

Q4. Would you want European cars instead of American cars?

21 people chose the answer that said "well it depends" which was the top answer.

Q5. If you said yes to #4 what companies would you buy from?

16 people chose the answer " no i would stay with the awesome muscle cars" which was the top answer.