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U.S. Savings Bonds

-The Federal Government pays INTEREST to investors for loaning the money.

-Bonds are different than savings accounts.

-You agree to let the government borrow your money for at least a YEAR.

-Bonds can be held for up to 30 years.

-Bonds typically pay HIGHER rates of interest than savings accounts.

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-Having a stock in a company means that you OWN part of the company.

-A company usually begins issuing shares of stocl to RAISE money for reason such as buying new equipment.

-Investors who buy stocks are called SHARE HOLDERS.

-You can SELL stocks at anytime.

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Real Estate

-Investors buy property, such as LAND or Buildings, hoping to generate a profit.

-If your paernts own their home, this is real estate

-There are many forms of real estate such as malls, apartments, farm land, and commercail buildings.

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-Collectibles are items that are relatively RARE in number.

-Investors in collectibles don't make a PROFIT or LOSS until they sell the items.

-There's a very SMALL market for collectibles, investors view them as very high in RISK.

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Savings Accounts

-Often the FIRST banking product people use, savings accounts earn a small amount of INTEREST.

-They are considered to be very LOW risk.

-They tend to pay SMALL amounts of interest.

-You can take your money out at any time without a PENALTY.