Middle East

Created by: Briana Sanchez

Religion in Ancient and Modern Middle East

Culture around the world can be very different. The many cultures reflect a variety of geography, languages, government, conflicts, and religion. Religion greatly shapes culture of a region. The Middle Eastern culture demonstrates a culture dependent on a religion.

The Middle East is influenced throughout history by its religion. For example, in ancient times people mummified their dead. Therefore, they showed respect to their pharaohs by mummifying and storing their bodies in a pyramids. In this case, they left the heart inside the mummy believing that it will take the “Ka” (soul) to the afterlife. Usually, they left the organs inside the body too, but most of the time they got stored in ceramic canopic jars.

In modern time, the Middle East showed a unique culture influenced by its religion. For example, they don't use mummification anymore because its government changed. The Middle East is not ruled by pharaohs any more, so because of this reason they don't mummify anymore. Their religion is now base on a Muslim belief which believe in one god, Allah.

In conclusion religion is constantly shaping the culture of the Middle East. Culture varies in geography, languages, government, conflict, and religion. However, there are great differences in modern and ancient Egypt´s culture.