The Book Thief

Markus Zusak


World War II. A war that seemed like it would never end. A war with many deaths. Liesel, a young girl who lives in Germany. A book stealing girl who helps her family in every way possible. From helping, to hiding Jewish man as well as many friends and people in danger. A life dramatic event changes her life forever.
  • The Book Thief

  • Author: Markus Zusak

  • Genre: Fiction, Adult Literature, Novel, Historical Fiction

  • Written in German and English

  • Published: March 14, 2006

  • Setting: 1939 Germany

  • Author wrote this story in Sydney, although parents influenced in writing this because they grew up in Europe.

  • Themes: Courage, Death, Separation, War, Values

Character list

Liesel- An 13 year old girl who lives on Munich street with her new parents Rosa and Hans Hubermann. She was suppose to come to Munich with her brother, but, things didn't go well and he didn't make it. Liesel's mother is no where to be found, Liesel last seen her when she met the Hubermmans. So Liesel is a fun, caring and active girl she is also The Book Thief. She loves to read too. When she arrived in Munich she didn't know how to read until her Papa (Hans) taught her, they had reading sessions at midnight. Liesel spends most of her time either reading or playing soccer on Munich Street. Playing soccer she made a friend and met a neighbor. She had met Rudy.
Rudy- Liesel’s neighbor and friend. He spends a lot of his time playing soccer with Liesel and the others on Munich. And the other time is probably at the classes for the young boys. For awhile he was getting bullied by an older boy who was in charge. Until he finally had enough and left and joined another group. Rudy was sort of a risk taker or at least he stood up for himself or what he believed in. Before he met Liesel he had did this race where he believed he was a an African-American man and covered himself in charcoal. -Rudy Steiner
Max Vandenberg- Jewish man in hiding. Lives with the Hubermanns. Max is grateful yet sorry that the Hubermanns are letting him stay with them, since it is so very dangerous for all of them. Max's past consist of street fighting and a mom but no dad. When he was little his father was killed in war that is why he is with the Hubermanns, Hans Hubermann was Max's fathers friend in war. Max also has a German friend, had. So Max was a strong young man until he started hiding, now he is scrawny and a bit weak. But since there is only Max, Liesel and Rosa& Hans, Liesel and Max get along great. Max cares for Liesel as if she was his daughter.

Theme analysis

War - The stories main theme is war, it revolves around World War II. War has changed the characters’ lives because now they can't be their own person. Can't express what they feel. They have to be loyal to Hitler and if they are not they get punished for it. Everybody has to think a certain way and feel a certain way. In the story they are forced to go to Hitler Youth Camps and learn to praise him. Have to hate anyone who isn't German. It makes the reader think of how everything was so different before. How hard it must have been for people not to be able to be themselves. How the narrator describes war make you imagine it as you were there.
Suffering - Liesel since the beginning had to experience losing her brother and having to leave her mother behind forever. Having nightmares every night about her brothers death. Being forced to go live with foster parents not knowing what would happen and how her life would change. Not only the main character but other characters also suffered. There was suicides and bombings causing many deaths. The characters all had a way to deal with it. It will make the reader feel their pain and how they dealt with it. Make them see from their point of view.

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