About this job


The study of modern sediments such as sand, mud (silt), clay, and the processes that results in their deposition. Also known as geoscientists .

Picture: Arnold H. examine the rocks.

Work Conditions

Most geoscientists split their time between working in offices and laboratories, and working outdoors (known as fieldwork). Fieldwork can require extensive travel to remote locations and irregular working hours.


Salary- $82,500 per year or $39.66 per hour

Pros and cons


- you get to travel the world for work.

- you have a great salary.

- you only need a Bachelor’s degree


- work in hot weather conditions

- very physical demanding

- must work full time

Picture: Grant is looking a some samples he took.


- This career is important because we need to know if there is anything harmful in our soil on Earth.

- They can tell us the history of the Earth for the sediments we found on the ground.