The Wing Bros

Don't wing yourself outta the game!

The Wing Bros Cologne

The Wing Bros is a subtle cologne to leave you feeling like a cobra to help you wing that lady. It's chemical formula enhances a man's looks and allures women such as work, clubs, school, or anywhere you decide to wear. Only one spray is needed to last a man seven hours.

How Is It So Fly? ~The Science Behind IT

Experimentally trained by our high tech scientists in North Korea, our wingmen and skilled in the art of "Hitting On Chicks". With our highly educated scientists we have done thorough research to understand the appeals of the diverse types of women. We have fully developed understandings of women which allow our wingmen to get you that shawty. Thankfully, the mastermind behind the molecular and intermolecular forces that allows the perfume to last so long, is scientist Miguel Canales. As the spritz of the perfume evaporates and intertwines with the atmosphere, it is irresistible to the delicate and sensitive appeal of the women.

Who are are the "Wing Bros" ?

The Wing Bros was made by two certified women with Ph.D's. With the discovery of manipulating a women's senses and a cologne that rebirths a man into a god, along came Wing Bros. ----
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