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Mother Boniface Spirituality Center

March 2017 Events

1.) Christology 101 Series (Mondays at 7:30 p.m.): We believe in Jesus Christ, true God and true man, our Lord and Savior. But “faith seeks understanding”! How does the Church understand the mystery of the Incarnation? How does Jesus’ death bring about our salvation? How is the Risen Lord present and active in the Church? Our presenter is Sister Sara Butler, M.S.B.T., S.T.L., Ph.D., who has been a seminary professor of theology for over 25 years and a past-president of Academy of Catholic Theology.

2.) Lenten Series on Redemptive Suffering (Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.) : Redemptive suffering is the Christian belief that human suffering, when accepted and offered up in union with the Passion of Jesus, can become a participation in the saving work of Jesus. The presenter for this series is Sr. Theresa Ahern, M.S.B.T. who has served the MSBT community in various ministries including religious education and retreat work.

“We should strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings and wretchedness of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the spirit of God.” - St. Vincent DePaul.

3.) Holy Hour, Social Hour (Wednesday, March 15th at 7:30 p.m.): Join us for our monthly Eucharistic Holy Hour (with music and confessions) at Sacred Heart Chapel, Mother Boniface Spirituality Center. We will then meet for our Social Hour at a nearby location! We will be having special guests from St. Mark's Young Adult Group!

For more information, contact us at (267) 350-1835 or at Check out our website for all of our upcoming events… and don’t forget to "Like" us on Facebook!!

Volunteering Opportunity:

1.) Would you like to dedicate some of your time to help the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity in their mission to serve children and families in the Philly area? If you are interested in volunteering for an overnight retreat to help teach and lead family activities, let us know! We would love to have you with us! For more information, contact us at (267) 350-1835 or

  • Family Overnight Retreat: Friday March 31-April 1, 2017 (Mother Boniface Spirituality Center

About Us...

Vision Statement: Inflamed with the love of the Holy Spirit, the Fire of Faith Young Adult Group seeks to provide spiritual fellowship, guidance, and encouragement to all Young Adults. Our goal is to walk with every single person we encounter and empower them to deepen their faith, to live out the joy of the Gospel, and to become the disciples Christ calls them to be.

Mission Statement: Our "new" Young Adult Ministry is dedicated to provide unique programs and opportunities that:

  • Encourage young adults to fully participate in the life and mission of the Catholic Church
  • Foster and support community and fellowship among young adults
  • Inspire the hearts and minds of young adults as they deepen their love for Christ
  • Strengthen, encourage, and captivate the hearts and minds of young people as they discover their true calling
  • Motivate our fellow young adults to “be good, do good, be a power for good” (Fr. Thomas Judge)

If you would like to take part of this Young Adult Ministry in the Northeast Philly area, join us at one of our future events!

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