Will Canada Be The Greatest Country By 2035 ?


From this Smore about Canada in 2035 you will learn my views of the following subjects

  1. Changing Populations
  2. Interactions in the physical environment
  3. Managing Canadas resources and industries
  4. liveabel communities

Changing Populations

Personally I believe Canada is a desirable destination because Canada has been ranked the in the top 10 best places to live in the whole world . Canada has amazing

  • Health care
  • Economy
  • Immigration rates
  • Working opportunity
  • Education
  • life style

Personally I believe that Canada in the future won’t really look for a cetin race to come into the country but more of the person’s quality and job, degree, studies, family and much more. in the future we will need people whom will be able to get jobs so Canada would probably be looking for immigrants with a university or college degree in certain fields . In a recent study by CIC NEWS it said that Canada is aiming to attract 285,000 new immigrants , there is a possibility at least 1000 give or take will already have jobs in their home town but come to Canada for better life and education either for them or their children . Another 1000 give or take will come to Canada with no jobs in hope for one . in the same study it also states that ‘’ Canada is seeking to attract workers who will succeed in the Canadian labour market and integrate smoothly into Canadian society’’

What Problems Will First Nations , Metis and Inuits Face ?

I believe that by 2035 first nations metis and Inuit would have to face more conflicts and drama in there tribes not only by the government but also by the changing communities.

2015 the government is still not siding with the first nations and giving them there rightful and when they should be,which i believe could turn into a huge situation.

i assume that the tribes will also have problems because the generations are changing and that there kids would want to be a part of the non Aboriginals feeling out of place and lonely . there could be many other huge conflicts but these are just a few of my opinions on these diff rent tribe groups .

Interactions in the physical environment

Interactions in the physical environment

Canadian shield =

Location: the Canadian shield surrounds the Hudson’s bay, it includes

North West territories







Newfoundland and Labrador

Climate: the Canadian shield has a consecutive climate. It is so big of a land form region that the temperatures fluctuates a lot , obviously like are Canada there are long cold winters and short hot summers .the winters are approximately 7-9 months long . the precipitation in the Canadian shield is a range of 755mm to 1015mm , and the temperature is -13 to -18c or even more . Rarely there can small amounts of permafrost in the in the winter, and in the summers its about 25c . the shield gets very little rain and snow each year. Some factors heavily affecting the Canadian shield are distance from the sea, prevailing winds ,ocean currents and shape of land .

Western cordillera =


British Columbia, the Yukon, southwest Alberta and part of North West Territories

Climate: climate in western cordillera is very moody and depends on where in the fairly large region you are . Some huge factors affecting the climate in the cordillera are nearness to water which results in cooler winters and warmer summers, large quantities of rain, very cold on north side and much more.

Intuition mountains :

The Intuition Mountains are in the Arctic territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. They are part of the Arctic Cordillera and are largely unexplored, due to the hostile climate. Located in Nunavut, North West territories. Between Arctic Ocean, Lincoln Sea and Baffin bay, Labrador Sea. The climate in this region is fairly cold about -30 to -35 in rain and snow with no vegetation or wildlife . one factor affecting the climate is that it’s very up north away from the equator .

Arctic and Hudson’s bay lowlands:

Located in Canadian Shield and the Sothern shore of Hudson bay and James bay. The climate is like every other long and cold, the grounds remain frozen for most the year, remains below -45, and most part of it is too cold for human life.

Interior plains:

Located in some provinces such as North West territories, most of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Climate :

-long cold winters

- short warm summers

-plains have a confidential climate

- less precipitation than other regions

St. Lawrence Lowlands : it is one of Canada most important rivers made up of flat lands – perfect for farming . made up 3 plains Quebec plains the trios rivers and Montreal plain .

Physical Regions Of Canada

This video shows all of canadas land from regions and talks about the climate,rock type, vegetation and much more for each regions.

Managing Canadas Resources And Industries

By 2035 I expect technology to be canadas most important resource . some of Canada's most important natural resources will be zinc,copper,lead,gold and one huge resource that is not very natural is oil. since Canada is a the second largest oil produced in the world our oil sands productions will obviously increase .

Once or generations have developed there will definitely be ways to safely maintain technology and our natural resources , but one resource that many Canadians worry about is how we will maintain our oil sands from continuing to ruin out country .

Canada is connected to the rest of the world through trade and globalization how ?

Canada has many ways it is connected to the rest of the world . Canada has many resources Such as oil and bread that many countries in the world need , when once of the county's demand Canada for one of these belongings Canada will either inquire for other goods the country possess or gain money for our economy or anything else the government assumes is best for us, and once Canada continues to handle this continuing system then Canada will eventually build stronger relationships with as many countries as possible .

Livable Communities

-What issues are Canadian cities facing

-will urban sprawl be an issue in 2035

-how can Ontario limit urban sprawl in 2035

-what initiatives will Canadian cities take to be sustainable in 2035

  • there are notably a few strong matters canadas cities are facing which are possibly affecting the cities citizens for instance canadas infrastructure. In several studies i have learned that the cities infrastructure is very old today 41%is 40 years old , 31% is 40-80 years old , and 28% is over 80 years old (source: Canadian society for civil engineering)
  • urban sprawl is essentially urbanization . to my knowledge i suppose that yes urban sprawl will be an issue through 2035.since the cities are developing, and population is growing that many residents will want to move away from all the 'noise' and active areas , so they will move further and further away which could be satisfying their needs or dreadful to others . putting more distance between you and urban areas is a bold move because there are lower land rates, improved infrastructure , lower tax , lack of urban planning and rise in population growth .
  • No i don't think that Ontario can limit urban sprawl through 2035 because as years go on the population will increase from birth rate and population so all around Canada it will be Clustered and people will want to move away which will just expand Canada as a out-land. If urban sprawl continues to increase than it will damage Canada in many was for instance it will :
  1. increase traffic
  2. health issues
  3. impact on social lives
  4. ruin environment
  5. increase public expenditure

  • in a article by city of Vancouver that make about plans on making cities sustainable really focusing on carbon , waste , and Eco systems and they also mention how they made goals in several years back and accomplished them sealing the deals proving that this plan for 2020 should transfer smoothly .


To conclude I speculate that throughout the next few years canadas citizens and cities will continue to make Canada a better place by helping the environment making better choice in there day to day situations by knowing what is right and wrong managing its resources and much more.