My Fable

By Matthew E. Claar

The Fox and the Eagle

One day in a pleasant little town, there was an Eagle and a Fox. The mayor, mayor Rabbit, announced, "Who ever deals the most kindness this week will be rewarded." Eagle was always nice and had no intention of winning. Fox on the other hand, had great ambition of winning. Fox wanted the reward so bad, and not knowing what it was only made him more anxious. So, fox made a plan. He knew that eagle was nice all the time, so if he wasn't there in the town for people to prove him being nice, then Eagle wouldn't have a chance of winning. The next day Fox dug a hole at the edge of town where no one would notice. Then, he covered the hole with a "blanket" of twigs and leaves so when the eagle stepped on it, he would fall in and be trapped. "I like it!" said Fox. There was one flaw to Fox's plan the he didn't know about; Eagle had been helping Badger the roof fixing bring the shingles to the roof, so while Eagle helped Badger, he got a perfect view of Fox and his trap. When fox was finished, it was noon of the day before the rewarding ceremony. He sat down by a tree to eat his lunch. When he finished his lunch, he decided it was time to call in Eagle. But right when he was going to call him, a strong gust of wind blew and fox fell in his own trap! Fox was stunned; not only from the fall but from how close he was to fulfilling his plan. All of a sudden, the hole became dark and fox looked up, and to his surprise it was Eagle flying and looking for food. Eagle looked down and saw fox. He swooped down and pulled fox out of his trap. Fox asked," why did you save me, no one was there to see you do your good deed. You saved my life." "I didn't do it to win the contest, I did it because it was the right thing to do." Fox learned his lesson, and for then on, he vowed to help everyone in town, even if he won the contest or not.