Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman , By Meghan McAfee

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Characters,Problem and Solution

The characters are Dan,his Mom,his Dad and his brother Ryan.Some other characters are Arthur,his Mom his Dad, and his sisters Stacy,Veronica Vea,Gwyneth Elaine,Tabitha Tess,Theodosia Desiree, and Angelique.Last but not least Mrs.Smiley,Grandma and Grandpa.

The problem is that Dan can not find his family.The solution is that Dan started to walk back to what was left of his house. Dan's Dad came up behind hem and jumped out of the car.Dan turned around and was over joyed.The main problem is that there is a tornado and mom is not home from Mrs.Smileys.The solution is that they follow Mrs. Hatches rules and go to the basement with Ryan knowing that Mrs. Hatch would be OK.


At the beginning of the book they were at the beach and then they desided to go home because it was really really cold out.On there way home it looked like it was going to storm really badly.In the middle of the book the tornado siren went off and the lights started to flicker on and of over and over again.Then suddenly the lights went off for good. They then went in to the basement to wait out the tornado.In the end of the book after the tornado Stacy found them and then they went looking for Dan's mom.As they were walking they ran in to Dan's mom and were over joyed.Then the found police and they asked for volunteers.They convenesed Dan's mom to let them go find Mrs.Smiley.They found her sleeping on a couch and then the got her out. Then everybody was moved around like crazy.Then at the very very end the all got reunited. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some settings in the book were Dan's house, Mrs.Smileys house, and the jail,but the main setting is Grand Island Nebraska.What did you say? You want to learn facts about Nebraska?Well did you know that it's state bird is the Western Meadowlark?Did you also know that one of many famous land marks is Chimney Rock?Did you also know that it is bordered by 6 states!!!! Well that's all I have for you.