Monthly Incentives, Shoutouts, News & Advice - May 2016

As a team, we grew by over 20% in April. I'm absolutely over the moon and I am dang proud of us! Some of you were so close to hitting your personal 20% goals, and some of you were so close to hitting EC for the first time. Let's ride this wave of momentum into May and put April to shame! #hereweGROW

Get in touch with your direct and set up a powershot call to help plan for your month. Don't know what a powershot call is? Get in touch with your direct and have an impromptu powershot call so that you can start having them with your personal teams, as well!


Since no one hit their personal 20% last month, I'm keeping the incentive the same as last month because I know with 110% certainty that we're all pushing for - and hitting - it this month! If you can't wrap your head around why 20% is such a magical number, listen to the replay of LV Leader Melinda Staab's amazing call from the C&C Growth Training Series. CLICK HERE. The call is about 24 minutes, but IMO only the first 15 minutes are a must listen.


Beat your last month's PSQV by 20%! If you exceed April's numbers by a minimum of 20% you'll automatically be entered into a raffle for $50. If you have never promoted to Executive Consultant (600 PSQV), or didn't hit EC last month, you're reaching for hitting EC for an entry into this raffle. I also encourage you to aim for the 10 and 2 Club (10 PC orders and 2 new Cs). Should you win the raffle, and you were a "member" of BOTH clubs, you'll also earn yourself a 30 minute strategy session with the one and only Kristen Ariza and myself!


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Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

I made it a point to include everyone in my organization on an email sent out at the end of April regarding the upcoming 60 Day Skincare Challenge hosted by yours truly. But if you missed it or didn't skim through it, listen up!

If you participated in the Team ARIZA 3-day event and thought that was great, you're going to LOVE the Challenges. During the last one (January-March), 15% of participating PC's converted to C's before the 60 days expired. And those who didn't left with a better understanding of how their products worked and how best to use them!


  • This is primarily a chance for us to sign up NEW PCs, but current PCs are welcome to join! Maybe they want to try a new product or add the AMP and/or Acute Care to their existing regimen? Maybe they’re ready to transition to a brand new regimen? Or maybe they’re perfectly happy with their current results and just want a chance at some prizes. It’s free for PCs to participate and they have a chance to learn more about our products and how best to use them. It’s a win-win.
    • For returning Cs from the last Challenge, I’m personally not inviting anyone who participated in the last one to get some fresh faces and give new peeps a chance at prizes. Your call, though!
  • For the first 30 days, we’ll be highlighting R+F's product arsenal and addressing any questions our PC’s have about their new products on the Challenge’s private Facebook page. During the remaining 30 days, we’ll focus on advice & product tips, the perks of being a PC, a little about the business side of things, and more! Plenty of prizes will be given out along the way.
  • The Challenge itself takes place on Facebook and is based on a points system. Points are awarded based on your PC’s participation, so EVERYONE has a shot at every giveaway, including the grand prize drawing of a free regimen. All prizes, including the free regimen are decided by raffle. One point = One raffle entry
  • Once you’ve added your PCs to the party (private Facebook page), there’s not much else for you to do but chime in on all the threads of your choice! Tag your PC's in posts you want to make sure they see (i.e. their personal regimen, the product they’ve been meaning to try, etc.). The more involved you are, the more involved they’ll be.
  • New PC's must order on or before May 13th in order to participate. This is for your benefit! Frontload May and secure reorders for July!
  • A little tip to boost participation: I’m personally going to include any new-ish PC's (that I’m friends with on Facebook) between now and May 15th to the Challenge automatically. After they purchase, I’ll send them a note along these lines of: “As an added perk for becoming my Preferred Customer, you are also eligible to participate in the upcoming 60 Day Skincare Challenge my team and I are hosting that starts on May 13th! I’ll add you to a private Facebook group where you will receive tons of exclusive info and insider tips about your new products - and you’ll have the chance to earn a full FREE regimen of choice at the end of the 60 days! All you have to do is wash your face."


  • Please Paypal or Venmo or Cash me $20 which secures you 10 guest spots to fill with existing or brand new PCs, as you see fit. Paypal email is: / Venmo username is @cori_vee / Cash username is $corivee
  • Please include your name and/or RF email in the payment memo if your payment email is different than your RF email and/or you use a different name.
  • You will then be added to a Facebook group called CONSULTANTS of the 60 Day Challenge. This page is for us C's to throw out ideas and communicate in general. We are reusing the same group page from last time so if you’re new don’t worry about the existing posts - you’re not behind!
  • On Monday, May 9th you will be added to a second Facebook group called 60 DAY SKINCARE CHALLENGE. This is where the actual business goes down! It will be your job to add your PCs to this group once it goes live for us Cs. This will be a brand new group page, so for returning Cs if you have PCs who plan to do this dang thang again you’ll need to re-add them. Sidebar: please do not add new PCs to the group until they have actually purchased their products!

I'm sending out the welcome email tonight to those who have paid that will include sample language and graphics you can post/send to best use this Challenge to your benefit! If you aren't 100% sure yet, don't worry - I'll still send that very same email if you send payment at a later date. You have all the way up to the start date to get on board!

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Are you Leading The Way?

We're now in our 2nd round of an amazing Corporate sponsored incentive program called Lead The Way (LTW). If you aren't familiar with how LTW works, I highly encourage you to plug into the website. CLICK HERE. From there, you can set monthly goals and track your progress, as well as your Level 1 (those direct to you) team's progress.


STEP 1: Personally achieve 100 SV (Sales Volume). If you are enrolled in Pulse and CRP, this step is taken care of for you. If you are not, you must generate at least 100 SV in retails sales each month.

STEP 2: Generate volume from PC orders (Customer Loyalty) and/or the activity of New Consultants (Team Building).

  • Customer Loyalty Miles - Receive two miles when ten Level One (L1) PC Orders are processed in a calendar month. ($80 PSQV minimum, replenishment or ad hoc orders). Receive one mile for five additional Level One (L1) PC orders that are processed in a calendar month.*
  • Team Building Miles - Receive two miles when a minimum of two new Personally Sponsored Consultants each generate 300 or more SV during their enrollment month. Receive one mile for each additional new Personally Sponsored Consultant who generates 300 or more SV during her or his enrollment month.

STEP 3: Track your miles with new personal and team dashboards. New Consultant? Corporate will double your miles during your enrollment month, and first two full months in business.

Talk to your direct if you have any questions!


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Fear is a liar.

Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve done a lot of work on my mindset regarding this business - past, present and future. It’s been liberating. In January I peeled away layers of struggle, and plenty layers of ego. And after doing do, it didn't take too long to realize just how desperately I had needed to LET THINGS GO.

So you're not where you though you'd be by now? Let it go. You didn't hit that promotion you were running so hard for last month? Let it go. Fear of failure, or perhaps fear of success, has the best of you? LET IT GO. You see where I'm going with this. I challenge you to write down four things that scare you about this business, and cross one off your list each week this month. Do you have a fear of the phone? Pick it up and reach out to someone new every day this week about this business and/or our amazing products. Does the idea of posting on social media send you running for the hills? Commit to posting one Before & After pic and one business post on Facebook for your network to see. Are you terrified of rejection? Reach out to that one PC who has pushes their cart every single time their autoship date approaches or that one C who fell off the map and ask them why. Step out of your comfort zone to find out what works for you, and more importantly what doesn't. Never forget that FEAR IS A LIAR, so push past it and learn how to LET GO of the outcome.



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