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TREAT your students to some tasty reading!

Hi-Lo fiction are novels that are fun and fast-paced, with topics of high interest to teens but written at a lower reading level. We have a special EL section in fiction, "check it out!"

Easy reading nonfiction books are current and informative, but written at an upper elementary or middle school level. They are in a the "EL" bookcase in nonfiction.

Nonfiction books about a topic of interest can also work -- skateboarding, music, art?

Magazines are updated weekly in our CHS library, and these are chosen by our students, so they are sure to engage your classes! The current issue is out on display; ask for a 'variety pack" of back issues for in-class silent reading.

Graphic novels (i.e. comic books) have all of the story elements you are trying to teach --plot, character, theme -- in a fun format with truly great artwork.

Series books can be engaging enough that a low reader is willing to stretch a bit to keep up with the story.

New books are on display each month . . if a student is interested, why not let them try? We buy books at many different reading levels.

EDGE classroom libraries, Pacemaker and Globe Fearon classics, are all hi-lo reading.

Go online!

Check out these resources on the research database page:

World Book Online Encyclopedias include 5 different reading levels: Kids (elementary), Student (middle school), Advanced (High School), Disovery (very visual) and Spanish language. User name: chaparral, password: pumas

E-books show up in our online library catalog with a little blue or green e . The reader is now built in to the catalog, just click on OPEN to view and read. Maybe this would work well on your Smartboard for a group reading experience? User name CHS, password pumas

Delaney e-books are a special hi-lo collection, on the library e-book page at http://chs.tvusd.k12.ca.us/ User name ELPUMAS, password CHSREADNOW

A lot of engaging nonfiction books in pdf format.

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