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the gist

Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replenish . The earliest overfishing occurred in the early 1800s when humans, seeking blubber for oil, decimated the whale population. Some fish that we eat, were also harvested to the brink of extinction by the mid-1900s.
Highly disruptive to the food chain, regional depletions became global and catastrofic by the late 20th century

why its bad

Overfishing is bad because it can have serious effects on the food chain and can damage the population of fish. Majority of the problems linked with overfishing have been caused in the past 50 years by the growing human population and fast advances in fishing technology.

Ending Overfishing




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how it it effects us

the two main issues are it kills wild life in the ocean and it may wipe out fish population wich causes us to have to find a new food source. and the economy will crash due to the lack of fish. it will efect everyone . the cause is people because that is a big industry. wehther it is pollution or over fishing.


the solution is stop fishing so much. our ideas is that we can make the big fishing compinies do fish farms.