Thriving Skills in Puerto Morelos

In Preparation for our Journey into Ek Balam!

Presented By Vena-Cava


We believe that peace as a state of being does not require a set of goals or achievements to be deserved or granted. Peace is in fact our own pure nature taking form in all expressions. This awareness brings a sense of liberation that motivates empathy and a pro-active state of participation. It is in this awareness that we commit to bring forward our collaborations.


Vena-Cava provides strategic consulting and media services to enhance and elevate both the visibility and impact of causes and nonprofit initiatives. Through multidisciplinary teams we develop customized pro-active participation models that engage audiences and strengthen those working to address the humanitarian issues of our time.

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The seminar will start on the morning of June 15th at the Grand Residences hotel and continue until the 19th of June in the evening.

Thriving Skills: Puerto Morelos

Monday, June 15th, 9:30am

Grand Residences by Royal Resorts, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Puerto Morelos, QROO

We will gather together in Claudia Flores' room on the morning of June 15th at 9:30am.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Parent Letter

Dear Parents

We are so grateful to have you with us on this journey.

On behalf of Vena-Cava and Thriving Skills, we would like to officially welcome you to Thriving Skills: Puerto Morelos!

From June 15th-19th, we will be hosting our Thriving Skills workshop in Puerto Morelos at the Grand Residences hotel prior to our journey into the Mayan Community of Ek Balam on the June 22nd. The vision for this workshop is to prepare the kids and families to come together in the essence of service, awareness, empathy, and cooperation so that we are able to participate with the Mayan Community of Ek Balam in the true abundance of our essential nature. We believe that this week of coming together, will enhance our experience drastically on the second week, and we encourage the children and parents to participate in as much of the Thriving Skills blocks as possible.

Below you will find the Thriving Skills agenda for the 15th-19th in Puerto Morelos. Each day will have a theme associated with it and consist of 2 blocks (morning and evening), with each block being 2 hours in length. Each day will consist of Physical, Creative and Artistic activities, as well as games and opportunities for sharing and performing. These blocks are subject to adjustment depending on the trip.


1) Certainty of the Divine essence in all and everything

2) Consciousness (Awareness)

3) RAW (Responsibility, Awareness, Willingness)

4) Raw Service

5) Raw Peace

It is our wish that as parents, you will take a moment to send us your "wish" or "intention" for how you would dream of this experience to manifest for yourself and your child. With this information, we can make sure we are providing an experience that nurtures and supports both you and your child's intentions. Please feel free to email these "dreams" or "intentions" to or before the 10th of June.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments or suggestions, Evan Raynr is available by cell phone at 818-458-2692 or email at to support you with anything.

We are so excited for this magical journey to begin!

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Thriving Skills will consist of 2 blocks of activities labeled "A" and "C" blocks, standing for "Activity" blocks and "Creativity" blocks, respectively. Each day will consist of one A block and one C block, totaling 10 blocks to be completed throughout our five days in Puerto Morelos. In the evening of the last day, we will have a special celebration with the parents and kids who have participated.

Day 1- Theme: Certainty of the Divine in all and everything

Block 1A

  • Introduction
  • Intentions
  • Mayan Language
  • Beach Soccer
  • Writing Workshop

Block 1B

  • Storytelling
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Journal Writing
  • Group Sharing/Board Game

Day 2 - Theme: Consciouness/Awareness

Block 2A

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Discussion of Awareness
  • Yoga on the beach

Block 2B

  • Acting Workshop
  • Expectations and Preferences vs. Highest Good

Day 3 - Theme: RAW

Block 3A

  • Meditation
  • Discussion on RAW (Responsibility, Awareness, Willingness)
  • Boundaries
  • Dancing/Musical Chairs
  • Giant's Treasure

Block 3B

  • Wizardry Game
  • Journal Writing
  • Arts & Crafts

Day 4 - Theme: Raw Service

Block 4A

  • Meditation
  • Service Discussion
  • Service to Self
  • Ek Balam
  • Kickball on the beach

Block 4B

  • Giving and Receiving Discussion
  • Giving and Receiving Game
  • Sharing
  • Journal Writing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mural Creation/Drawings for Ek Balam

Day 5 - Theme: Raw Peace

Block 5A

  • Meditation
  • Peace Walk in Nature
  • Discussion on Peace
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback - Communication

Block 5B

  • Wizardry Game
  • Skit Preparation
  • Perform Skit

Group Closing, Sharing, Bonfire and Appreciations.

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Thank You from Vena-Cava

"It is in the CERTAINTY OF THE ESSENCE, the awareness and relationship to that self; that which gives life to life... To ignite our life force from this essence and live inspired into genuine willingness emanating from the knowing of my individual ability to respond, aligning and connecting through empathy, service, gratitude, peace, love and joy, building rhythm in that essential beat of the heart, making me re-member and find myself in all and everything."

- Claudia Flores