Health Museum Field Trip!!!

Tuesday, March 3rd

We will be going to the Health Museum and we plan on having a great time! I will need a lot of chaperones for this field trip. Please make sure to let me know if you can help. Kids in

Health Museum

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 at 10am

1515 Hermann Dr

Houston, TX

Itinerary while at the museum

Cow eye dissection for intermediate students (grades 3-5)

Grossology lab for primary students (grades 1-2)

Tour of museum

Lunch at The Miller Theater at Hermann Park

Museum Fee Explanation

Due to the different activities the students will be doing, there is a price change. Primary students (grades 1-2) will be charged $8 and that includes a grossology lab along with the regular museum visit. Intermediate students (grades 3-5) will be charged $10 because they will be doing a cow eye dissection along with the regular museum visit. Compared to the grossology lab, the cow eye dissection has an upcharge of $2. All chaperones will need to pay $3. If you agree to be a chaperone (versus a parent visitor), I will need a lot of help with the cow eye dissection-- 1 adult per 4 students. A chaperon is in charge of students while a parent visitor simply "hangs out" with their child during the field trip.