Caleb Steffensen

i love myself

Caleb Steffensen: About Me

I was in salt lake city in September, 1997. Probably the best month ever. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I liked to play basketball, but now have turned my focus to some different interests that I have missed out on because of my time spent playing basketball. These interest include skiing, and lacrosse. Throughout my years on this earth my family has had a series of pets. Rats, rabbits,hedge hog, gechos, and a dog. We had many rabbits and the majority ran away, but I do not think that they did what they did because of how my family was treating them. I just think they thought they would survive better on the streets, which they didn't if you were wondering.

My family not only had a lot of pets, but a lot of cars. Through rough estimation I think that my family has owned around 18 cars. Most of which had a problem that no matter how much you fixed it, it still broke down.

Some other of our cars overheated which was caused by my brothers rallying them whenever they drove them. Still true to this day, my family has a curse with cars. Every car that we get always seems to have a everlasting problem. I cant remember one family trip when we didn't have a problem with the car.