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November 16-20, 2015

We had fun making words as part of "Scrabble Spirit!"


November 2nd - 20th ~

  • iRun4Life Sneaker Challenge
November 10th - 19th ~
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive - We are collecting hot and cold cereal, pancake mix, syrup, jelly/jam, & canned fruit.
November 16th - 20th ~
  • Tiger of the Week - Leena D.
November 17th ~
November 18th ~
  • Home & School Meeting @ 7:00

November 20th ~

November 23rd & 24th ~
  • Early Dismissal for Grades 1st - 6th
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - Check your email to sign up for a conference time!

November 25th - 27th ~

  • Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

We are officially in 1st place in the Box Tops Collection Contest, so keep on clippin'!

Don't forget to send in your November Ziploc bag this week!

A few quick things about this week...


Throughout the week the students will be making inferences to determine the meaning of poems and describing the difference between inferential and standard subheadings in nonfiction text. Students will also be making inferences to answer questions and to identify the theme of a piece of text.

We will also be reviewing how to find text evidence to support our inferences and using it to support our answers as we respond to text-dependent questions.

*Students are expected to be leaving 6+ tracks of their thinking in their "Read to Self Journal" weekly. This week students are focusing on inferences, and reviewing questions and predictions.

Ask me about: How do good readers make inferences? What is some text-evidence to support your inference? What inferences can you make in your DEAR book?

Writing & Spelling

This week, students will begin developing, organizing, and drafting functional (how-to) writing pieces about topics related to his/her heritage/traditions.

Ask me about:
What are elements of functional/how-to writing? How do good writers develop and organize their writing? What is your functional writing piece about?

Spelling Homework - Unit #9 - pgs. due Thursday, Quiz Friday

*Each week's spelling list will be posted on our class website!


This week students will be learning about decimal notation as they write fractions as decimals. In addition, we will also be comparing/ordering decimals and estimating the sums and differences of decimals.

Ask me about: How do you write fractions in decimal notation? How do you compare or order decimals? How do you estimate the sums and differences of decimals? What are the place values of decimals (up to the hundredths place)?

Science ~ Matter

We are just beginning our new unit in science!

This week we will be developing a definition of matter and classifying objects as solids, liquids, and/or gases. We will also be learning how good scientists make observations and why it is important that observations are accurate, descriptive, and detailed. In addition, students will be using their observation skills to make observations of various materials to determine properties of solids, liquids, and gases.

Ask me about: What is matter? How do scientists make observations? What are properties of solids, liquids, and gases? What are some similarities and differences between solids, liquids, and gases?

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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