March 2017

Course Reminders and Updates

Grades Have Been Updated!

Grades have been updated for last Wednesday's Due Date. Parents, please log in to your student's account to see the most up-to-date grades and feedback. You can also use your parent auditor account, but the student account will provide you with more detailed information.

Please check grades and feedback for each assignment. Sometimes the feedback that is provided can help you on upcoming assignments. Also, feedback can prevent you from making the same mistakes again. As always, if you have questions regarding grades or feedback, communicate with me!

GAVS Late Work Policy

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Spring is almost here!

Information Regarding Spring Break

  • GaVS Spring Break dates are April 3-7.

  • Wednesday, April 12 is an assignment due date.

  • Please keep an eye on your course schedule to ensure you are on pace once we return from Spring break.

  • Students who have a different Spring break should work ahead if they do not intend to work on their GaVS courses during their break.

Did Somebody Say Extra Learning Opportunity?

Occasionally, students are given the opportunity to earn additional points on assignments. These opportunities are advertised in the news items within the course. Be on the lookout for upcoming learning opportunities. You could possibly earn additional points to help your grade!

Check Your Email Daily!

Please be reminded to check your email and our course homepage daily. Important information is shared via your GAVS email account and our course homepage news announcements. As an example, every Thursday following a due date, I email students who did not turn in one or more assignments. If you check your email daily, then you can work on those assignments immediately in order to avoid additional late penalties. Make a habit of checking in daily!

Weekly Synchronous Sessions

Monday, March 27th, 8pm

This is an online event.

Join us every Monday evening at 8:00 for our weekly synchronous sessions. If you are unable to attend, but you have questions regarding upcoming assignments, please send me an email. I will be happy to cover assignments or topics during the synchronous sessions. Remember to always watch the recording which can be found in the User Links widget on the course homepage. See you Monday!

Contact Me!

Melissa Leonard, Ed. S.

Adjunct Instructor/CTAE

Georgia Virtual School