Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital

Bringing Hope to a New Day

Welcome to the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital

Here at the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital, we provide cancer treatments of many kinds. We have 15 different floors in the hospital to cure different types of cancer. With a room on each floor, we paint them to match kids personalities, and there is also a waiting room and a play area for friends and family. Our goal is to try and make the hospital feel as much like home as possible. Our motto is: Bringing Hope to a New Day. I hope you enjoy your time at the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital.


The Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital is located in Silver Beach, Michigan. Whenever you look out your window, you would have a spectacular view of the Silver Beach. By the hospital there is an airport and gas station for your convenience. Silver Beach has a population of around 10,000 people.

Services for Cancer Patients

For our cancer patients we offer treatments such as:

  • Chemotherapy- It is a treatment for cancer using one or more drugs that slows the growth of cancer cells. It is possible to lose your hair with this treatment and it could harm healthy cells, but it is one of the more common treatments.
  • Alternative Therapy- It helps you recover from cancer and at times it basically seems like a spa treatment. It could consist of musical therapy, aroma therapy, physical therapy, etc.
  • B.M.T(Bone Marrow Transplant)- It is used to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Before the transplant, chemotherapy, radiation, or both may be given. Some risks include chest pain, chills, drop in blood pressure, fever, looking flushed in the face, headaches, hives, nausea, pain, or shortness of breath. All in all though, it is a very helpful treatment.
  • Radiation Treatment- It is a treatment delivered by machine to shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and minimize damage to normal tissue. A mask is put on your face so you stay in the same position. It is delivered by a form of photo beam with one dose per session. Side effects include damages in DNA, hair loss, skin problems, blood count change, fatigue, or could cause other cancers.

Services for the Families

At the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital we also offer many services for the patient's family such as:

  • No financial cost- Our hospital is so busy we would have to put your family on a waiting list, but once you get accepted in you don't have to pay a penny. At the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital we donate to your cause which includes no fee. All of our financial support is donation based, so we would be happy to help your child.
  • Housing- We have a separate building next to the hospital for patient's families in need of a home while they are away from their real homes. In the homes we provide luxurious beds, kitchens, and entertainment to try and get your mind off of reality for little while. Again, the homes come at no cost unless you damage something.
  • Counseling/therapies- If you are having a difficult time with the situation at hand while at the hospital, we provide counseling or different types of therapies to try and help you with the situation.

Cure Rate

At the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital, our cure rate is absolutely outstanding. Over 60-90% of our patients go home cured and the average stay rate is at the most a year and a half.

Most common type of cancer

At the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital the most common type of cancer is Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia. It is a cancer that occurs in the blood and bone marrow that can be severe and spread quickly if not treated thoroughly. The bone marrow in a healthy child makes blood stem cells that become mature blood cells over time. They can either be myeloid or lymphoid stem cells that mature. In a child with ALL leukemia too many of the stem cells mature into lymphoblasts which are leukemia cells. Then, the lymphoblasts block the room for white blood cells, red blood cells and platlets. Which causes easy bleeding, change in red blood cell count, or infection.


Our rooms have many individualized features to them such as:

•Different types of wall art to match each children's personality




•Cabinetry over bed

•Extra space for visitors


•Drawing boards

Waiting Rooms/Play Areas

In our waiting rooms, we provide extra seating and table area for visiting family and friends, and we also have Wifi access for anyone who needs it. So you could eat, sleep, do things electronically, etc. and we try to make it feel as much like home as possible. Connected on to the waiting rooms are play areas for your children. In the play areas we have babysitters 24/7 so you and your children can both have a break. While your kids are in the play area they can:

•Play on the slide

•Play with toys

•Look at fish

•Play board games or card games

•Watch Television/Movies


Hospital Staff

Our hospital staff at the Sunrise Faith Children's Hospital is a group of the most highly trained surgeons and nurses. All of which, went to the top colleges in the country. Our staff is very, if not the most trustworthy people, that wouldn't let you leave until you are satisfied with the results of your child. Here at the hospital we also have great associates that maintain and keep the hospital in order along with all medical files. If you are in doubt that you are not getting the right medical assistance for your child, well think again because at the Sunrise Faith Childrens's hospital you won't be anything but satisfied.

Statistics about cancer patients

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is the most common type of cancer found in children.
  • There are over 100 types of cancer in which any part of the body can be effected.
  • Two million skin cancers are diagnosed every year.
  • Approximately 13.7 million people with a history of cancer were alive in 2012.
  • The largest preventable cause of cancer is tobacco.
  • 580,350 Americans were expected to die of cancer in 2013(1,600 people a day).
  • Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. causing 1 in 4 deaths.
  • Around 11,630 childhood cancer cases were expected in 2013 in ages 14 & younger.