Søren-Haldur Bülow Rasmussen

Me, me, me, me, me, me!

Three things you should know about me..

1. Music

My band and music

I play music, and I've playing for the most of my life. When I was 5 years I used to play drums on my moms pots - and after some years I got my first drumset.
I've been playing drums since then, and now I'm playing on a big xylophone called a marimba. I'm playing in two bands, and the music is a huge part of my life. Both when I'm playing myself and when I'm listening to it.

I like to listen to Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and REM.

2. Odder Ungdomsråd

The youth in local politics

One day in the 9th grade I was asked if I would like to be apart of a new council for the youth in Odder. To be honest, I saw a chance to shirk the last lesson in school. (I've always been really interested in politics and in the schools pupil council, but that time, I just wanted to shirk school)
But the meeting I went to started a fantastic journey, where I've learned a lot, done a lot of things, and the citizens in Odder have realized that the city's young people have an opinion, which have to be heard. The Youth Council takes a lot of my sparetime, but I really love doing it.

A third thing.. hmm...

It's a hard choice..

When I'm doing a presentation of myself I'm always mentioning my music and the Youth Council, and I find it bit hard to find a third thing, which is good, and describes me as well.
I'm playing football in my sparetime, have some great friends, a lovely family - and it's quite hard to choose between all these things.

Places I would like to visit


They're saying "See Venice and die" - so why not?


I've heard so much about China, and even though I've been in Vietnam, which is near by, I would like to visit China, and of course the Great Wall of China.

My dream job


Combining the things of being a doctor, and save lives, and further more drive fast in an Audi may be the ideal job for me. Maybe the last thing is a bit childish, but I think it's very exciting, and is a part of the reason why I choose biological engineering here in High School.

Three things from my Bucket List