I am Aaron

My 8th grade year

Important information about me

My family is a big family with seven people. i have my mom and my dad, Kari and Dave i have my three brothers, josh Daniel and Matt, and my sister, Elizabeth. I have been to St. Gerald school for nine years. I want to go to Creighton Prep high school.

My goals for 8th grade

My first goal is to study hard so i can achieve a good scholarship to high school. My second goal is to try as hard as i can and push myself so I can play football in high school.

My cousins wedding

Saturday, Aug. 15th, 11:30pm

Des Moines, IA, United States

Des Moines, IA

This event is memorable to me because this is the first wedding I have been to. This is also memorable, because this is the first time my family has all been out of state for more than 1 day