Oakview Media Center

Long Range Plan

From a Library Media Center to a Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A learning commons is a "place of teaching and learning group work, collaboration, creativity, change, inquiry, communication, and community" ASLC

The learning commons model places a greater view on students, accessibility, project-based learning, knowledge seeking, and exploration.


  • Increase student accessibility and flexibility of space
  • Expand programming and student input
  • Create a collaborative classroom space

Increase student accessibility and flexibility of space

E-books and E-readers

  • Expand and promote e-books and e-readers to the library collection
  • Increase knowledge and accessibility to e-books (Overdrive) to students and staff
  • Purchase non-web based e-readers
  • Encourage teachers to promote e-books and e-readers to students
  • Develop a check out policy for students

Create and install a Tablet/Ipad bar

  • Utilized for independent study and classroom use
  • Rearrange shelves to provide space for mini tablet/ipad station

Expand Programming and Student Input

Establish a student advisory board

  • Recruit students and conduct monthly meetings to inform of programming ideas
Integrate programming into the school day

  • Student art exhibits correlating with books in the media center
  • Book groups
  • Book trailer swap between classes
  • Invite classes in to view end-products of other classes

Integrate additional evening programming to include families and community

  • Literary movie nights
  • Poetry slam
  • Social media 101
  • Author visits in the evening (Tim Lowry Spook Fest around Halloween)
  • Book walk (similar to a cake walk)
  • Pajama party (Kids wear their pajamas, bring stuffed animals, eat snacks and read books with their families on a blanket.)
Expand collaboration with community

  • Reach out to the community-already do Real Men Read
  • Collaborate with the Greenville Library System
  • Volunteer to read at local daycare/preschools, bring weeded books for the children-invite a few students from Oakview to read.
  • Reach out to upcoming Kindergartners, possibly an optional library reading and exploration during summer tours.

Create a Collaborative Classroom Space

  • Collaborate with teachers to develop lessons during their computer lab times
  • Create a learning lab where the reference section is (ipad minis, laptops, microphone, flip cameras)
  • We currently do not have a quiet area for students who need extra time with classroom testing. It was more of an issue this year as we became busier with additional classes. It's nice for teachers to be able to send student somewhere to finish classwork or test, but the library is not always quiet and is full of distractions. Convert a space for this purpose only?
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