Chinese Cinderella And

The Secret Dragon Society

Author and Setting

Author: Adeline Yen Mah


Time- 1940's

Place- Shanghai, China

Character Analysis

Chinese Cinderella(CC) is a young girl who was abused by her new Niang. She is honest, kind, and innocent. She was kicked around by her Niang. When she was kicked out of the house she didn't complain, but did try to find a place to live. She cried a lot and was in the library when she found Grandma Wu. She trained in the secret dragon society and became a member and accomplished missions with them. She made new friends with David Black, Marat Yoshida, and Sam Eisner. She frees her friend's brother from jail and writes to her father all the things she couldn't tell him before.


Exposition: There was a young girl named Chinese Cinderella(CC). She lived in Shanghai in the 1940's with her father and her new stepmother, Niang.

Rising Action: CC wandered the streets and watched a demonstration of a group of athletic people. When CC got home, her father kicked her out for disrespecting Niang. She soon befriends with the special group that she watched from earlier. The teacher was known as, "Grandma Wu".

Climax: She finds out that they are the ancient branch of the Shaolin Association of Wandering Knights. Their purpose is to help those who suffer. She trains with them under strict rules and guidelines.

Falling Action: CC became one of the wondering knights and was given her first mission.

Resolution: CC tells her father, through a letter, all about where she is, Big Aunts murder, and everything she was unable to say a long time ago.

Conflict: CC was kicked out of the house by her father for disrespecting Niang and needed to find refuge.


Chinese Cinderella, known fondly as "CC" by her friends. Alone on the streets of Shanghai, CC is in the process of finding her way to her Big Aunt's apartment when she sees a fantastic demonstration of martial arts by three athletic young men at a local bazaar. CC finds refuge with the special group of people she watched earlier, when her father throws her out of the house for showing disrespect. These young people and their teacher, known as, "Grandma Wu," befriended her. Later, CC learns that they are part of a very special group known as, "The Secret Dragon Society". It is an ancient branch of the Shaolin Association of Wandering Knights, which has been in China for over 1,400 years. Their purpose is to help those who suffer. CC soon begins schooling under their strict guidelines and also training in the special art of kung fu under Master Wu, son of Grandma Wu. She is made to feel welcome among these strangers, who offer shelter and the possibility of a better life in a China that has been taken over by the Japanese just before the outbreak of World War II.