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Principals Message

This year has certainly had its challenges for everyone: students, families, teachers, administrators, and staff members. While difficult, I am proud of how hard everyone worked together to make this year the best it could be. It takes each and every stakeholder working together to ensure that our students can be successful at all levels. As educators, we are incredibly thankful for the support so many of you have shown throughout this school year. We know our students, families, and staff have worked tirelessly to make the most of a challenging situation.

We have a few short weeks left and we hope that we can continue to work together to end this year on a positive note. Summer is a time to rest and recharge and hope that our students have the opportunity to do that. We have an exciting 21-22 school year ahead as we continue to plan a December/January transition to our new building.

Please consider signing your child up for one of the summer opportunities the district is providing. If you are looking for something specific for your child reach out and let us know. We may be able to provide some resources.

We may only have weeks left, but we absolutely plan to make the most of those weeks with our students!

Mark Your Calendar

Middle School PSSA (5-8)

May 11, 12, 13- ELA

May 18, 19 - Math

May 20- Science (8th Grade Only)

May 9 - Mother's Day

May 31 - Memorial Day, No School

June 1-2 - Athletic Physicals @ HS, 4:00-8:00pm

June 3 - Last Student Day, Early Dismissal @ 11:15

June 20 - Father's Day

Attendance and Family Trips


Regular attendance at school is essential to maintain a good academic standing. Excused absences include: illness, family emergencies, prearranged doctor and dentist appointments, and pre approved trips and school activities.

Upon returning to school after an absence, students should submit a written excuse signed by their parent/guardian or you may email your excuse to the Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Jaworski (see Excuses for options). Absences for which excuses are not returned within the five school days will be marked unexcused.

Excuse Options:

There are a number of options for providing an excuse/note for your students’ absence. Any of the following are acceptable methods to submit this documentation including:



  • Send in a written note/excuse directly to the office with the student.

Please feel free to complete this form if your child will be absent, tardy, or scheduled for an early dismissal. This information will be sent to our building secretaries. A paper excuse will not be needed in the office. Please notify the office that you have arrived by using the intercom in the vestibule. A staff member will escort your child out.

The Sapphire Community Portal should be utilized by parents to monitor student attendance.

Family Trips:

Please request a family trip from from the office or select the link below, complete it, and return to the office for pre-approval by the building principal no later than one full week prior to the trip. Upon receiving a request for an educational trip, the principal will review the request in accordance with the District Guidelines and respond whether the trip will be approved. Approximately one week prior to the trip, students will receive a homework assignment sheet to collect missed work (these sheets will be provided to the student at school). Students will have two weeks after returning to school to hand in missed assignments. Neglecting to gain prior approval for the educational trip will result in the recording of unexcused absences for those days absent from school.

Requests for educational trips on PSSA testing dates will not be excused.

**The maximum number of days allowed to accumulate for educational trips is 10 days per school-year.

Important Reminders

The "Lost and Found" is located in the main office. Valuables are also kept in the office, so please have students check with the secretaries if they've lost a valuable. Please encourage students to check frequently for anything they may be missing.

In case we have any weather related early dismissals, it is best to have a family plan in place ahead of time. Please make sure your child knows how you would like them to get home on days there is a chance of bad weather. Phone lines are very busy during these occasions. Please monitor radio, television, and email notifications so you are aware of possible changes to our schedule. If you have not been receiving phone calls and email notifications, log onto the

Sapphire portal to check your contact information is correct.

Notes from our Nurse


Anxiety is your body’s natural way of dealing with stress; it is the feeling of fear and being nervous about what is to come. It is a natural response on a first day of school/work, taking a test, or talking in front of a crowd; however, it is a problem when it interferes with the ability to carry out productive and meaningful daily life such as in work, school and/or relationships.

What seems now more than ever, mental health is in dire need of attention and action. The heart of America faced brokenness in a year of what seemed like endless unknowns, disappointments, losses – and hope. Families finding themselves challenged with a constantly changing school platform amidst arranging childcare and attending to job responsibilities… Throw in the contagion of fears from biased or inaccurate social media and news sources, and the coupling has brewed a poison to our minds.

As cliché as it may sound – home really is where the heart it is. Home is where students go at the end of the day to feel loved and belonging. Students can see, hear and feel all of the anxieties we as families and caregivers experience because – well, we are human and we are adults. As a parent/caregiver, give yourself the oxygen mask first. Your child needs a stable, loving, attentive you. Talk with your child if they see you upset or cry. It is ok. Let them know it is ok and that it will be ok, even when it feels like it is not. Communication is key. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Spend a few minutes daily talking with your child by following the suggested Connect, Correct, and Connect again:

  1. Connect with your child about events or happenings of the day. Thoughts, feelings or upcoming events.

  2. Correct any misunderstandings, poor behavior/choices, and plans to help your child with a problem or negative feelings.

  3. Connect with your child again. Play a game, take a walk, cook/bake, fix something broken – involve your child. Children feel security when feeling a sense of belonging.

If you or your child exhibits any of these signs/symptoms, you or your child could be experiencing anxiety:

  1. Physical complaints: Recurring stomachaches, headaches, shaking

  2. Unrealistic thoughts: Children’s anxious thoughts revolve around danger, threats and fear, “What if I get COVID?” “What if my mom has cancer?” “What if I fail?” Depressed children tend to be pessimistic, not feeling good enough, or feel guilty.

  3. Behavior: Avoidance, seeking reassurance, worrying.

Talk with your primary care provider if you or your child are experiencing any of these signs. If you or are your child are having thoughts of suicide or difficulty coping, please call TrueNorth’s 24-Hour Emergency Crisis Support services in Hanover at 717-632-4900.

On a side note: All 6th graders will be mailed a Private Physical form. Please have completed and return to the nurse before 01/31/2022. Have a beautiful and healthy summer!

Virtual Hugs,

Julie Nelson, RN, CEN, CSN


Media Center

The last day for students to check out books is Monday, May 17th. All books need to be returned to the library by Monday, May 24th. If your child owes any overdue books or outstanding fines, please have them come to the media center. Any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. McMillian or Mrs. Smith. Have a great summer and read some great books!


Athletic physicals will be conducted one time only for anyone wishing to participate in a school affiliated sport during the 2021-2022 school year . Please select the link below for further information.


Good afternoon!

We are beginning to receive questions regarding end of year events for students. Many of the events we typically hold are not feasible to do under the current guidelines. Our 8th grade teachers spent some time discussing how the students want to end the school year and gathering their input/feedback.

We will NOT be holding an 8th Grade Appreciation Night. Students will be ending the year with a grade level field trip. This information will be sent out soon. Additionally, the students have shared that they would love an opportunity to "redo" their 4th Grade Picnic that was held indoors due to weather. We are working on planning an event for students that will be held on the last day of school and will share more information with students soon.

This year has thrown a number of challenges. We value our student voices and wanted to end this school year in a way they felt would be memorable.

Thank you for all your support,

Dr. Shannon Myers

¡Buenas tardes!

Estamos empezando a recibir preguntas sobre eventos de fin de año para los estudiantes. Muchos de los eventos que normalmente tenemos no son factibles de hacer bajo las directrices actuales. Nuestros maestros de octavo grado pasaron algún tiempo discutiendo cómo los estudiantes quieren terminar el año escolar y reuniendo sus comentarios/ comentarios.

No celebraremos una noche de agradecimiento de octavo grado. Los estudiantes terminarán el año con una excursión de nivel de grado. Esta información se enviará pronto. Además, los estudiantes han compartido que les encantaría tener la oportunidad de "rehacer" su picnic de 4º grado que se llevó a cabo en el interior debido al clima. Estamos trabajando en la planificación de un evento para los estudiantes que se llevará a cabo en el último día de clases y compartiremos más información con los estudiantes pronto.

Este año ha lanzado una serie de desafíos. Valoramos nuestras voces estudiantiles y queríamos terminar este año escolar de una manera que ellos sentían que sería memorable.

Tastate por todo tu apoyo,

Dr. Shannon Myers

Collaborating for Youth

The After School Program is now meeting in person in the Middle School Library, Monday through Thursday, 2:50 - 5:50. If you can not join us in person, feel free to join the live zoom from the library.



password- Password02

Zoom mtg. ID- 828 580 7595

Bermudian Springs Students

Join Us at our 2021 Free Summer Camp

Monday - Thursdays, 9am - 1pm, June 14th - July 22nd

@ Griest Park in York Springs

To Register - fill out the attached forms and return

2021 Summer Experiences

"This summer the Bermudian Springs School District is excited to offer STEAM Ahead as a summer experience for our students. The STEAM Ahead camp is designed for students ending the 2020-2021 school year in grades K-8. This opportunity is designed to engage students in hands-on, authentic, real world experiences where they will investigate, explore, and problem solve. Each activity will have a focus on literacy with applications to the four strands of STEAM: building, coding, creating and designing.

Each session will run from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m and be held at the Elementary School, Monday-Thursday, June 14th-July1.

To learn more about STEAM Ahead and other summer opportunities, please visit

To register for STEAM Ahead visit:"

Jessica Smith

Instructional Specialist

Bermudian Springs School District

(717) 528-4113 ext. 4760

PTO News

Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week is scheduled for May 3rd - May 7th this year. The amazing people at BSMS work very hard to make every student successful. This year has been unique and difficult at every turn. Often, we forget to take the time to thank the people that mean the most in our community. If you could take a minute to write a note to any teacher or staff that has positively impacted your family's lives, it would certainly mean the world to them. Every year we have a link to our staff's favorite things. This is not to encourage you to purchase anything at all, but because of the many requests from parents throughout the year to give a little insight into their teacher's favorite things. This list is simply for your information.

5/3 Manic Monday: We're crazy about our teachers and staff here at BSMS! Wear your most wild crazy combination of clothes.

5/4 May the 4th be with you: "The more we learn, the more we discover what we do not know..." Our teachers are the best Jedi Masters around - dress in your favorite Star Wars gear.

5/5 Zoom Uniform Day: Pjs are the official Zoom uniform - get comfy, but still appropriate today!

5/6 Teacher's Pet: It's fun to be the teacher's pet sometimes - dress up as your favorite animal.

5/7 Flashback Friday: When was your favorite teacher in Middle School? Dress up in their decade!

Give your stove the night off May 5th! C&D of New Oxford is hosting the BSMS PTO for a fundraiser night. Order after 4:00 and enjoy their incredible food! (I like to order lots of extra food for leftovers, just a suggestion! Why not take 2 nights off from cooking?) You simply cannot go wrong with anything on their menu.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to make BSMS's PTO a success this year and always. This has not been easy, but we got through it together.