Manage Bulk Accounts

If you have 10 or more accounts on Smore, this is for you!


Welcome to your bulk account on Smore! Once your account has been activated you can begin inviting people to join your new "Organization". An "Organization" is the account name for your school or district.

Accessing your Dashboard

You can manage your bulk accounts through your Organization's Dashboard.

Access your Dashboard by clicking the link in the activation email sent to you by a Smore Team member.

Or by:

  • Logging into your Smore account and selecting the "Account" page under "You" in the top menu bar.

  • Under "Account info" on the right side, there is a section called "Organizations". The name of your school will be listed here. Click on "Show members" to see who is in your Organization and to invite new members.

Inviting new members

  • Through the bulk Dashboard, you can invite someone into your Organization by either typing/pasting in the individual invitee’s email address and clicking “invite”.

  • Or, by clicking on "Invite multiple members". Here, you can easily copy and paste as many email addresses as you'd like (limited by the amount of bulk accounts you purchased).

  • Then, our system will sort through all of the email addresses and determine if the invitee already has an account or needs to create a new Smore account. At this point, the invitee will receive an email from Smore prompting them to join your Organization (if they already have an account) or create a new account and then automatically be added to the Organization.

  • Note: If an email address is invalid, our system will notify you immediately and allow you to correct the email address.

  • Once the invitee has accepted your invitation, you will receive a notification email letting you know they have joined your Organization.

  • Their name will be automatically added to your Organization list and they will be marked as a "Member".

Member Status

  • You can manage the status of all members in your Organization by clicking on "Options" next to their name on the Dashboard. Here you can make someone an "Administrator" or "Remove" them from the Organization.

  • As the sole "Owner" of the Organization you have the ability to designate multiple "Administrators" of the Organization. This means that people you select will also have the ability to invite, remove, or give "Administrator" status to other "Members".

Analytics Report

The Analytics Report provides insight into what your Organization Members are creating within their own Educator account. This information can help further your understanding of:

  • Who is creating flyers
  • What flyers are most popular by tracking monthly/all time views
  • Where to view these flyers - includes flyer URLs and flyer titles
  • When flyers are being made and viewed - reports are organized by month

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