Profile of FACS success

By: Brooklyn Dostie

Barbara Corcoran

"Taking chances almost always makes for happy endings"

Personal Backround

  • Corcoran was born on March 10th 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey.
  • Would you believe me when i said she got straight D's in high school?
  • She studied at St. Thomas Aquinas College and in 1971
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  • Tried teaching for almost a year, but she wanted to be her own boss.
  • After working at almost 20 jobs, she decided to start her own business.
  • She took a loan from her boyfriend at that time and used that to create a business in real estate.
  • Her boyfriend then ran away with her secretary but left her with a thriving business and no regrets.

FACS Career

  • Corcoran took a $1000 loan from her boyfriend and started a small real estate business in New York City.
  • Over the next 25 years, she'd made the $1,000 loan into a five-billion-dollar real estate business and the largest and best known brand in the industry.


  • Barbara went to school at St. Thomas Aquinas College and got graduated with a degree in education.
  • She also worked 20 jobs before she decided to make her own business.
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Personal Traits & Keys to success

  • Cultivate irrational optimism
  • Embrace your fears by confronting them
  • Fake it until it's real
  • Leap first, think later