The Strong, Comanche

The most powerful tribe in North America

how they adapted

they stared using buffalo for a lot of things like houses, clothes, tool, food, and more. When the buffalo moved they moved, they would die if they did not. The women would go and get the water in buckets, they walked to the lake in back.

Comanche to Caddo

As the Comanche ate buffalo buffalo and moved around a lot, the Caddo stayed in one spot and did not move that much. They made teepees with buffalo skin and bones, the Caddo made huts with sticks and dead grass. The Caddo worked together as a confederacy, the Camanche had one chief for one tribe.


  • Aside from buffalo and other meat, their diet consisted of fruits, nuts and wild root vegetables.
  • Comanche language remains very similar to that of the Northern Shoshone and although it has several dialects, it is understood by most neighboring Indian tribes.
  • Men were the hunters and fighters while women tended to the daily household chores like cooking and childcare.
  • Horses pull there stuff on travois.
  • Americans in Comanche is pabotabeb.
  • Many still live today like you and me, but they get together and do the old dance and sing the old songs.


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