Watch out for those scams!


There are many types of scams & schemes, such as:

  • Identity Theft- the person takes your identity and uses your information to open new accounts.
  • Loan Scam- You are required to pay a large fee in order to get a loan, but after you pay the fee you never get the loan
  • Credit Repair Schemes- they say they can repair it but YOU CAN NOT REPAIR YOUR CREDIT HISTORY
  • Collage Scam- You get an offer to learn "confidential" facts and get into a collage easily but really you can easily find all the information online.
  • Pyramid Scheme- Participants receive payment for recruiting more participants
  • Payday Loan- allows a person to get cash before they get their paycheck with no credit check.
  • Rent-To Own- Companies who rent and sell things charge more money than its usually worth

Be sure to stay away from all of these as much as possible they can ruin a lot of things and mess up your credit.